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Bearded Collies

Aliases: Beardie, the Highland Collie, Mountain Collie, Hairy Mou ed Collie, Bouncing Beardie

Bearded Collie For Sale

Keeping Your Bearded Collie Mentally Alert

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Tags: Bearded Collie, Exercise

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It's fortunate that Bearded Collies love to play because playing keeps them mentally alert. Just like humans, if they allow their minds to relax, they will lose their sense of concentration. In addition, playing means your dog is not bored, and if he is not bored, he remains mentally alert. It works similar to humans we lose our concentration on a task if we find that task boring. For example, students who try to read a book for school that they find boring will tend to doze off while reading. Likewise, a boring movie will make us fall asleep.

In reverse, if your dog becomes bored, he will lose some mental alertness and will be prone to mischief as well. For the outdoors, that could mean escaping from the yard, but in the house, it can be more disastrous. A bored dog means a mischievous dog and one that resorts to chewing on things, tearing them up, and other kinds of mischief. Instead of allowing your dog to become bored, take the time to play with him, preferably during his exercise time where he is outside with more room. Remember, he will bark when he is excited and when he is playing, so outdoors is a much better spot for him.

We must take the time to devote to our pet in order to assure that he is healthy, happy, and mentally alert. Do not just put him outside and expect him to enjoy running around the yard by himself. For some breeds, that may be enough, but the Bearded Collie needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, which he won't get from being placed in the backyard by himself without nothing to do. Think of your dog as you would your child what would your child do if you put him or her in the back yard with no toys, and you don't have a swing set? Your child would become very bored, as will your Beardie if you don't give him something to do to keep him mentally alert. You can play ball with him, fetch the stick, or chase him around the yard. How about "Tug o War?" Dogs actually love to play that game with a rope, and they will fight you hard for it.

The important thing is to make sure your dog has playtime to keep his mind active. While playing to keep him mentally alert, he is also getting the exercise he needs to burn off that abundance of energy he possesses. It's a two-fold activity that allows you to provide your dog the best of everything at the same time by stimulating his mind while he exercises his body. Nothing could be more perfect.

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Keeping Your Bearded Collie Mentally Alert
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