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Birth Difficulties

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Tags: Birth Difficulties, Health Problems, Health, Medical, C-Section, Breeding

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Very few people can resist a cute and cuddly kitten, only very few people want to keep that kitten after it has grown into a full grown cat. Cats and kittens end up in animal shelters or are discarded on roads, or simply left to become feral cats outdoors. Therefore one could say that the first birth difficulty is actually finding suitable permanent homes for cats before you cat actually gets pregnant.

Felines are very fertile creatures, with the average cat having five or six kittens in each litter. Some breeds are inclined to have bigger litters. From the time your cat is five months old, she will be in and out of heat from January to October with a reprieve in November and December for pet owners living in Europe and North America.

The heat or estrus cycle lasts from 14 - 21 days and an unsprayed female can be very annoying; crying, howling and rubbing up against you continuously during the heat season. Nevertheless, if you can stand the inconvenience you will find that your cat has the potential of having several litters a year and this will go on for most of her adult life.

Ninety-nine percent of cats have problem free deliveries however the Persian and Himalayan breeds are subject to birth difficulties.

Birth Difficulties with the Persian cat:

Before pregnancy even begins:

  • Persian cats are subject to infections in the uterus, which could render them incapable of queering (having kittens) or worst still lose their own lives because of it.

  • During the end of pregnancy the Persian can suffer from a twisted uterus that can kill your cat and her kittens if she has not been followed and treated by a veterinarian. This condition has to be treated immediately.

  • Persians cats have a high percentage of emergency c-sections due to complications.

  • Persian kittens have large heads, which often causes problems passing through the birthing canal.

  • Persians have trouble cutting the placenta, cleaning and getting their kittens to breathe, as a result you will have to familiarize yourself with the birthing process to assist them.

  • When to see a Veterinarian for any cat having birth difficulties

  • Your cat is still pregnant after 66 days

  • Her temperature is over 100 for a few days

  • She stops eating, or is lethargic

  • A kitten is caught in the birth canal for more than ten minutes and you cannot pull it out.

  • Your cat is still having contractions four hours later but there is no sign of a kitten coming out of the birth canal.

  • The mother has already given birth but five hours later she has stopped though you feel there is still another kitten left inside her.

  • There is vaginal discharge that looks infected and has a strong odor

  • You believe some of the placenta did not come out with the kittens

  • Kittens are weak or motionless and will not nurse

  • Your cat's nipples are hot, painful and hard

  • The kittens are restless, do not sleep, and meow constantly

  • When the kittens are not plump and their stomach is not distended; This is usually a sign that they are not eating enough.

  • The Mother's temperature is still high at 102.5 two days after giving birth

  • Given the overpopulation of cats who cannot find a home, it is better that you spay your female cat and neuter your male. If you are an owner of a Persian cat you are faced with many birthing difficulties. These challenges may prove to be overwhelming and better left up to a professional breeder. However, if you intend to breed, whether you own a Persian or not, make sure you have access to a veterinarian should any complication arise.

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