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Miniature Pinschers

Aliases: Min Pin, Zwergpinscher

Miniature Pinscher For Sale

Min Pin Mating and Pregnancy

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Miniature Bull Terriers



pacoima, CA

Miniature Bull Terrier

The majority of canine pregnancies that veterinarians see are unplanned events. This comes from having little knowledge of a dog's breeding habits and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As most responsible owners know, the mating of dogs to breed for profit is a serious business that should be left only to those with in depth knowledge and experience on the matter. This is especially true when it comes to the Miniature Pinscher. Choosing a good breeding pair has to do with knowing the standard and having a true desire to improve the breed. Because of the Min Pin's diminutive size, there are certain aspects that will need extra special attention during pregnancy.

The first advice a breeder gives when it comes to mating for a Min Pin is that a bitch should be no less than two and a half years old for a first pregnancy. The health tests for mating and pregnancy cannot even be performed before this time; not to mention the dog is still somewhat a puppy herself. Any sooner than the two year mark can result in serious lifelong medical problems for both the mother and her litter. The pelvis of a toy breed is tiny, often requiring Cesarean sections much more often than larger dogs. The chance for problems increases when a bitch is pregnant without the pelvis getting an optimum amount of time to develop.

Providing that all goes well, the gestation period will last approximately 60 days. It is important to discuss with a vet the amount and quality of food the pregnant Min Pin will need. As the last days of pregnancy are reached, taking the temperature is a common way to check for the first signs of labor. One may also notice their Min Pin quits eating about this time and becomes quite clingy; or she may become adamant about having her space. Nonetheless, it is necessary to set up an area in a closet or other out of the way space for the great event if it has not been done already. Owners should also let their vet know the time is close in case there are any complications that prompt the need for emergency services.

The Min Pin will also need high quality nutrition in the following days as she nurses her pups. There are many diets specially formulated for nursing dogs. Even though these are fed several times per day, a small Min Pin may still need help feeding her puppies. Owners can help their Min Pin by giving feedings around the clock every two hours for up to 14 days. This can be especially necessary in cases where a Min Pin has three to five puppies at a time.

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Min Pin Mating and Pregnancy
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