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Neapolitan Mastiffs

Aliases: Mastino Napoletano, Neo Mastiff, Mastin Napolitan, Mastino, Mastini

Neapolitan Mastiff For Sale

Popular Names for Neapolitan Mastiffs

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One of the joys of having a Neapolitan Mastiff is coming up with a wholly distinguishing name that demonstrates the dog's personality. While most names have to do with the dog's mammoth size, its pleasing personality can be as much inspiration as anything else. Owners who opt for this breed often find intimidating names simply do not fit and instead decide to christen their Neo with fun, tongue in cheek names such as Tiny or Speck. Others opt for more dignified names stemming from the dog's history, such as Caesar or Brutus. Whatever the choice, it is important to remember a name also reflects on the owner as well.

Names that have meaning of strength or power are often a first choice. Some examples of good names for the Neapolitan Mastiff based on this are:

  • Goliath- male

  • Sierra- female

  • Maximus- male

  • Titan- male

  • Magnum- male

  • Locke- female

  • Omega- male

  • Oso- male

  • Conan- male

  • Dyna- female

  • Tank- male

  • Denali- female

  • Major- male

  • Diesel- male

  • Others choose to name their Neapolitan Mastiff after references from pop culture:

  • Neo- though commonly referred to as Neo's, many also like it as a name

  • Hooch

  • Scooby Doo

  • Rocky

  • Maude

  • Yosemite Sam

  • Lucy

  • Marge

  • Homer

  • Maxine

  • Owners can also look to the dog's temperament and many physical characteristics as well:

  • Drooler or Drooly

  • Jowls

  • Happy

  • Temperance

  • Burly

  • Sweets

  • Muscles

  • Sugar

  • Biggie

  • Goofy

  • Rumples

  • Naming a Neo for the purpose of chronicling parenthood with a breed registry can have certain requirements. However, these requirements can vary depending on the organization an owner lists with. While the name can at times refer to the breeder's name, it can also contain the breeder's kennel prefix as well. Dogs named using part of their parent's name is also a common practice. This allows family lines to be easily identified. If a parent is named Hearty Brown, the pups can each be named using Hearty, openly affixing their heritage. At other times, breeders will name pups by alphabetizing litters and starting each name with the corresponding letter.

    As they need to be unique yet manageable, registries often put a limit on the number of names or even the amount of characters that can be used to identify a dog. Signs, symbols, trade names or offensive words are restricted, as are any expressions that deceptively refer to the dog as a title holder. To include the name Champion or any other similar term, a dog must first be able to prove they indeed possess such a title.

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    Popular Names for Neapolitan Mastiffs
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