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Bedlington Terriers

Aliases: Rothbury Terrier, Rodbery Terrier

Bedlington Terrier For Sale

Fitting names for the Bedlington Terrier

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Female Pom

Mink is the only girl out of a litter of 3. is also was the last one born.12 weeks old ready to go


Meriden, CT


From physical traits to personality and mannerisms, a Bedlington Terrier's name can be inspired by any number of things. Known for their distinctive head shape that is commonly compared to that of a lamb, they can give off a gentle and placid vibe. That is, until the spunky terrier is aroused in them. They are a versatile breed that is right at home swimming, running, and keeping the peace next to their owner's side. Many Bedlington owners enjoy the breed because they put their heart into everything they do. Names that represent the breed's vitality, agility, and gentle look are easy to come by.

Quality names that represent the various physical attributes of the Bedlington Terrier can be as follows:

  • Agnes- female, little gentle lamb

  • Ovid- male, lamb

  • Blaine- male, slender

  • Caley- female, willowy

  • Wetherby- male, lamb's meadow

  • Ramsey- male, ram's land

  • Jubal- male, ram's horn

  • Fodor- male, curly haired

  • Kassidy- female, curly locks

  • Biali- male, fair haired boy

  • Xanthe- female, fair haired

  • Other names that aptly represent the breed's propensity for activity and vitality can be:

  • Odette- female, lively

  • Shaylee- female, playful

  • Makya- male or female, lover of the chase

  • Chase- male, hunter

  • Chevaliera- huntress

  • Hastings- male, swift one

  • Brice- female, quick to move

  • Skeet- male, speedy

  • Satchel- male, angel of water

  • Nixie- female, water sprite

  • Names based on other beloved traits of the Bedlington Terrier can also be as follows:

  • Hilda- female, protector

  • Alexander- male, protector of mankind

  • Eddy- male, guardian

  • Feo- male, true heart

  • Lisimba- female, lioness

  • Leonard- male, lion hearted

  • Dulcea- female, kind hearted one

  • Oliver- male, kind heart

  • Carmine- male, sweet song

  • Bonnie- female, sweet lass

  • Keeping names traditional can lend a classic and timeless ring while inventive names can inspire creativity and charm. When naming a Bedlington for the purpose of registering with a kennel organization, one will typically end up with three to four names altogether. This can wholly depend on the organization and its naming guidelines. While some choose to incorporate the breeder's last name or kennel name, others use the first names of the dog's parents. For the sake of accurate record keeping, all common names will be affixed with a number. Designations that denote championship or any other award winning status are not permitted unless and until owners are able to document the honor as fact. Symbols, trademarks and derogatory names are strictly prohibited. Though registered animals keep their formal names for future breeding purposes all throughout life, the majority of Bedlingtons go by a simpler, every day name.

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    Fitting names for the Bedlington Terrier
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