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Walkaloosa Weird Facts Did You Know?

Filed under Horses
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Tags: Walkaloosa, Weird Facts

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  • The Walkaloosa originates from Spanish bloodlines such as the Paso Fino, and has the gait style of the Appaloosa; of course, the Appaloosa can be crossbred with almost any breed of gaited horse and it will produce the Walkaloosa. They can walk, canter, and gait, all with a great ease. The Walkaloosa was developed by the Shoshone and Nez Perce Indians gathering the spotted horses that are believed to the ones left behind by Columbus and the following Spaniards. After these horses were gathered, they started their own breeding program. During the early 1800s, in America, horses were only being sold for as little as two dollars, but cowboys would travel hundreds of miles and pay as much as fifty dollars for these horses; besides their official name, these horses were also referred to as the wildly spotted horse with the Indian Shuffle. The Walkaloosa is actually in danger of being wiped out in the United States.

  • In the competition and show ring, if a horse displays anything other an intermediate gait or trot, they can disqualified because of this. In fact, the registry will no longer accept any foal that has Appaloosa coloring and a parent that displays a gait. The gait known as the shuffle gait has almost been completely bred out of the breed; it has been required by the rules of the show and competition ring.

  • The Walkaloosa actually has a list of faults; they are all sorts of different physical deformities. For starters, they sometimes have overshot or undershot jaws, coarse heads, pig eyes, or a parrot mouth. Other faults such as thick throat latch, a thick neck, a low neck set, and ewe neck are often other types of problems with these horses. There are variations of other faults besides what has been listed such as a square outline, or the horse being taller than it is long. They also have a list of problems that all focus on the back; a long back, especially when coupled with a weak loin connection, extreme downhill conformation, thick, coarse or overly muscular appearance, insufficient muscling to the loin, or any crooked appearance of the back.

  • Though the Walkaloosa is a relatively new breed, there are suggestions of more ancient lineages in the breed's past that trace back over thousands of years. Similar horses have be seen on cave walls all over the world, particularly in France. The Walkaloosa registration was actually found as a further effort to help preserve the Appaloosa breed. The Walkaloosa's exotic coat patterns are a big attraction and have the made these horses very popular and in high demand.

  • These horses, much like the Appaloosa, have an attitude that aims to please, a gentle nature, they are the ideal horse for almost any work environment.

  • Their history goes back as far as 20,000 years ago; since the Appaloosa and the Walkaloosa are pretty much one in the same, it's easy to say that they could easily be the horses that are found on numerous cave walls.

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    Walkaloosa Weird Facts Did You Know?
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