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Aliases: Bullmastiff, Bull Mastiff

Bullmastiff For Sale

Bullmastiffs and Temperament

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Tags: Bullmastiff, Aggressive, Socialization, Training

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The Bullmastiff is a dog that can be described in many ways, especially when describing their temperament. They are a very good-natured dog that loves being around people. They do tend to be stubborn and willful, which is why they need an owner that is capable of being firm. Believe it or not, not every owner has that ability. Some owners love their dog to a fault and are incapable of being firm, which is only harming the dog in the end. A well-disciplined dog is a happy dog. The Bullmastiff is one such dog that needs to be well disciplined.

They are very loyal to their family, and will protect them without being trained to protect. This instinct is automatic in this breed. They are a powerful dog and due to their size they tend to frighten many people. When provoked or startled by a stranger, they will react like a true guard dog and block them from entering the home or coming too close. Only those that know them well know what big lovable babies they can be. They are very alert to everything that goes on around them.

In spite of the stubbornness they sometimes exhibit, they are an easy dog to train because they are so well mannered and calm. They are very sensitive to the tone of your voice and will often respond accordingly. As with all dogs, children should be introduced gradually and should know to always treat the dog with respect. Once they have been properly introduced, the Bullmastiff will love playing with the children or just laying by their side. In fact, lying around by their owner's side is probably their favorite pastime.

They don't always like dogs of the same sex, but if raised with other pets, they tend to get along great with them. They love being walked and played with outdoors. They will drool, snore, and make other loud noises, but they are just happy and content being the center of attention and getting attention lavished on them. Many owners of Bullmastiffs say their dogs are big couch potatoes. Almost every Bullmastiff owner claims they are the best dog they have ever owned and call them a very loyal one-man dog. Many say that after owning a Bullmastiff, they would never go to another breed of dog.

They can be gentle and docile and they can be wild and aggressive. So much of their temperament and behavior is a "learned" thing from lack of good training. They often have a bad reputation because people are afraid of their size and may have heard one negative story about a Bullmastiff that was wild. They are rowdy and like jumping around when they play, which is another reason they need training at a young age while they are still small enough to handle. They don't stay small very long! Proper training from the time they are small puppies will assure you of having one of the most popular large breed dogs in the world.

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Bullmastiffs and Temperament
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