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Tips for Exercising the Afghan Hound

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Afghan hounds are not content to doze in the sun. They do like to lounge around occasionally, but if you want your dog to stay happy and healthy it's vitally important that you provide ample opportunity for exercise. These dogs were bred to be hunters and while they don't have to use this ability now, the instinct remains.
A stroll through the park is plenty of exercise for many types of dogs, but the Afghan hound requires a more intense workout. Ideally you would be able to provide a fenced in yard with plenty of room for romping.

How Much Exercise

How much exercise your dog needs will depend on his age. A puppy is best allowed to set his own pace because, much like children, they can be over stimulated or tire more easily than adult dogs.
A healthy adult Afghan would benefit from at least half an hour of vigorous exercise every day. The more room he has to run and play the better it will be for him. It's very important that you make certain the area is secure and that he can't escape. Fences need to be high enough to prevent your dog from jumping over. These dogs are sight hounds and a neighbor's cat or Chihuahua may look like great fun to him. I can guarantee that your neighbor won't find it amusing as these dogs can run fast when the urge strikes and it may end in tragedy for a smaller animal. Make it a rule to always be available to supervise when your dog is outdoors.

An older Afghan hound, much like a puppy, needs to set his own pace for exercise. Just make certain that you provide the opportunity everyday. Exercise and movement keeps older dogs healthy and helps to fend off arthritis and other age related ailments. It will also keep your pet from getting depressed and bored as he ages.

Types of Exercise

The type of exercise the Afghan hound needs is simply running. He needs to be able to sprint, gallop and leap. Afghan hounds can be great playmates as they are very intelligent and catch on to games very quickly. Most Afghans love to fetch a ball or simply chase their owners around the yard.

You might also try taking your dog with you when you go on extended walks or jogs. Wait until your dog is at least eight months old before taking him for a jog, however, because the jar of paws hitting pavement can damage his developing shoulders. Always keep your dog on a leash when you are out and about. Afghan hounds have fantastic vision and will be able to spot a small animal from a long distance. Once he takes off after his "prey" you will be hard pressed to catch up.

If you have children it's important to always be present when they are playing with the dog. These dogs are large and while they aren't vicious or mean by nature they can get rough when they are excited.

Afghan hounds are energetic and they love to be outdoors running and playing. If you provide the proper channels to express this energy you will be rewarded with a much happier, more well behaved pet.

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Tips for Exercising the Afghan Hound
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