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Aliases: Kooiker, Kooiker Dog, Kooiker Hound, Dutch Decoy Dog

Kooikerhondje For Sale

The Kooikerhondje and Its Surprising Guarding Behaviour

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Tags: Kooikerhondje, Guard Dog, Service Dogs

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They say a dog would do anything to protect his owner, and this is quite often the case. Guard dogs serve this protective function in several different settings including businesses and homes. Some breeds, such as Kooikerhondjes, are more inclined toward being guard dogs than others. They are ideal guard dogs because they are territorial, can be trained to respond to commands, and are good watch dogs. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why Kooikerhondjes make such good protectors.

Kooikerhondjes are very territorial. They instinctively bark at strangers and protect the premises. They bark at strangers to alert anyone nearby to the presence of a possible intruder. This territorial nature could possible translate into aggression if the intruder did not take the hint that the barking meant that the person should come back when escorted by someone familiar to the dog. A Kooikerhondje can go to great lengths to protect his domain and often will. This is especially true if he has been specifically trained to do so.

Kooikerhondje can be trained to be guard dogs. This means that they can be trained to respond to commands given by an appropriate person. These commands could be signaling the dog to bark merely to create fear and deter an unwelcome party, or they could go so far as to be a signal to instantly attack any invader. Kooikerhondjes can do quite well in this capacity due to their intelligence. This helps make it easier to train them to respond appropriately to commands that are given. You don't want a dog to bite someone when all you wanted to do was to let the stranger know that this area was off limits. This more aggressive behavior may be great for businesses and the like but let's look at Kooikerhondjes and how they might fare when guarding a home.

We all want our families to be safe and a guard dog is one means of protecting family members while also gaining a new furry friend. Kooikerhondjes are generally friendly, cheerful dogs so they are a great fit in the home. They are initially cautious and wary of people but once they warm up to someone they can be friends for life. This is important when you need a dog to discriminate between an intruder and a small child. You don't want the dog to bark and confront someone getting up in the middle of the night because they drank a glass of water a little too close to bedtime. They can tell the difference and this is one more reason they make great protectors.

Dogs are friends, and friends protect you. Kooikerhondjes are good guard dogs because they are territorial, highly trainable, and are safe to have in your home. All in all, they could be the best thing on four legs to have watching your back.

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The Kooikerhondje and Its Surprising Guarding Behaviour
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