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Five Reasons Why an Anatolian Shepherd is not For Everyone

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Tags: Anatolian Shepherd, Guard Dog, Training, Service Dogs

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There are five good reasons why an Anatolian Shepherd is not right for everyone. The reasons are that they are an overly protective dog, they need plenty of room in the yard, they are harder to train, they have socialization issues, and they have a tendency to dig and chase.

The Overly Protective Dog

Anatolian Shepherd dogs are born protectors. This is a breed trait as they are bred to protect the livestock. You as their owner are their flock. They will be protective of the house, yard, and you. If they hear or see someone on the property, they will let out a deep, scary bark. If the person or animal does not leave, they will become more intense in their barking. They will stare at the intruder until they turn and leave or they will chase them away. This is their way of protecting you from harm whether it is there or not, they do not know the difference.

Chasing away intruders is just the natural instinct of the Anatolian Shepherd. If the intruder does not leave when the dog barks as a warning, they will chase the intruder. If they still do not leave the area, the dog will lunge at them to scare them into leaving. If a fight results, it is more than likely the dog who will win. Without proper training to call off the dog, it will not be controllable.

Not Enough Room for the Anatolian Shepherd

If you have a puppy, room is not an issue, but as they grow, you will need a large yard that is preferably fenced in so they cannot come in contact with other people or animals. Until they are trained and even after training this is important. They are a large dog and do need to be able to move freely without being cramped. In the house, they will take up room as well. Another thing they love to do that people find unappealing is digging. They love to dig. Sometimes they just dig to make a hole to lie in and watch the yard, but sometimes they may dig to see what is on the other side of the fence if something irritates them.

Training and Socialization Skills are Needed

It takes longer to train an Anatolian Shepherd than it does other breeds. They tend to have short attention spans when it comes to learning different things. They would rather just be themselves and not change their behavior. If you do not have enough time to spend on training, you could end up with a dominant and uncontrollable dog. This is the biggest reason why people do not want an Anatolian Shepherd.

These are the five top reasons why people do not want an Anatolian Shepherd, although there are more as well. They do require some work and if people do not have the time or patience, the dogs tend to take control and dominate the home. This can cause many problems for people who have the dogs in their homes. This is why it's so important to research a breed of dog thoroughly before buying one to ensure that the dog's traits and characteristics fit your lifestyle.

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Five Reasons Why an Anatolian Shepherd is not For Everyone
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