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Wire Fox Terriers

Aliases: Fox Terrier Wire Coat, Wire, Wire Haired Fox Terrier, Foxie

Wire Fox Terrier For Sale

The Wire Fox Terrier: Exercise and Nutritional Needs

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Tags: Wire Fox Terrier, Feeding, Exercise, Fox Terrier (Wire)


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The Wire Fox Terrier is a very athletic and energetic dog that requires a lot of exercise. They are friendly and lively dogs that love being outside walking, playing ball, or just romping around. They have a great deal of energy inside and need the time to wear it off.

They should be in a yard big enough to allow them to run around. They have a tendency to dig needlessly or bark unnecessarily if left alone too long, so don't stick them in the pen and leave them there feeling they have the opportunity to get all the exercise they may need. Many owners make the mistake of thinking if their dog has a large fenced-in yard, they can be left there all day alone because they get all the exercise running around back and forth all day. The Wire Fox Terrier may have the opportunity to run around, but will probably spend the time doing a lot of destructive digging or chewing.

They need the one on one exercise play time with their owners. Not only does this help to form a lasting bond, but teaches them the self control this breed needs. They are very intelligent dogs, but often think they know better than their owners, often getting themselves in trouble in the process. They love spending time with the older kids in the family. This makes for great walks, which the Wire Fox Terrier enjoys very much. The more exercise they are allowed to have, the happier dogs they are.

It is important your Wire Fox Terrier be fed good quality nutritional dog food. Because they are an active breed of dog, they will need a food that will keep them supplied with the vitamins and nutrients they need for good health. Although they have an excellent coat, shedding can be a problem if they are not on a good quality dog food. Many dogs develop food allergies to certain foods, and corn is usually the top villain in this group. Try to avoid dog foods that contain corn in them or other "fillers" such as wheat or grains.

Poor quality dog food can also result in the Wire Fox Terrier having a shaggy and dull-looking coat. When looking for dog food, always read the ingredients on the bag so you know what you are feeding your dog. At least one or more of the top 4 ingredients listed should be meat. Dog foods that have corn, wheat, and other fillers listed as the top ingredients may fill your dog up, but the dog can be lacking nutrients that he needs to stay and look healthy.

Many families still feed their dogs table scraps. While this is fine as an occasional treat, it shouldn't be the dog's daily routine. Even though they love the food, they may not be getting everything they need with a diet that consists of strictly table scraps.

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The Wire Fox Terrier: Exercise and Nutritional Needs
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