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Toy Manchester Terriers

Aliases: English Toy Terrier

Toy Manchester Terrier For Sale

Runway Material: The Telltale Signs of a Toy Manchester Terrier

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Tags: Toy Manchester Terrier, Agility

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The lineage of the Toy Manchester Terrier can be traced back to Manchester, England where someone bred a Whippet with a Terrier known for killing rats to create an entirely new type of dog. This new breed of dog has the slightly bowed back of a Whippet but with black and tan markings. This is the dog we know today as the Manchester Terrier.

Soon, people were breeding these terriers to a smaller toy size to better get into tight spaces to catch rats. In fact, the Toy Manchester Terrier's body is sleek and sturdy with excellent musculature, all stuffed into a condensed package. The muscles on this Manchester Terrier provides him great speed, power and agility - all qualities perfect for a ratter.

The Toy Manchester Terrier stands anywhere from 7 to 12 inches tall and can weigh anywhere from 6 to 12 pounds. The body of the Manchester boasts a glossy black short coat of hair with rich brown toned markings, reminiscent of a miniature Doberman. The tail is a foot long or less and is tapered.

In terms of its head, the Toy Manchester Terrier sports a long wedge profile and is sleek. The eyes are almond-shaped and are so dark they look like inky pools but they sparkle with intelligence. The eyes are set close together and there is no sinking or protrusion of the eyes. The ears for the Toy Manchester Terrier are wide at the bottom and taper to a pointy top that sits naturally erect.

The muzzle is the same length as the head and there seems to be no noticeable cheeks. The Manchester's nose is black and under the jaw is well-defined and powerful, perfect for a ratter, its true nature. With black lips and white teeth, this dog and grin and bare it with the best of them.

The Toy Manchester Terrier's neck is graceful and segues nicely into the shoulders. The chest, ribs and stomach area should be well-defined with a definite waist. You will notice that the dog's upper arm area is almost the same length as the shoulder blades and the shoulders themselves are pushed back a bit. Its feet in the front are not large and show an arch with the two toes in the middle being a little longer than the others. The nails are black with thick cushy pads on the feet. The hind end of the Toy Manchester Terrier is rather muscular, especially in the thigh area. This muscle helps provide the power for the dog's agility and running.

In terms of coloring, show quality Toy Manchester's have both the black and rich tan colors that do not blend but rather are clearly delineated sections in the coat. There is a tan area over each area as well as each check. The nose to the muzzle is the rich tan color as well as under the throat and inside the ears. There are spots above the Manchester's front legs on the chest area as well as on the hind legs up to a joint and even under the tail.

The overall package of the Toy Manchester Terrier is one of compact power. They are a true sight to behold when running, with its glossy coating rippling and reflecting the sunlight and showcasing the Terrier's powerful muscles.

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Runway Material: The Telltale Signs of a Toy Manchester Terrier
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