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The English Toy Spaniel as a Family Dog

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Tags: English Toy Spaniel, Family Breeds

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When the English Toy Spaniel, or Charlie, is treated as a family dog, he has truly found his most natural place. He likes to be considered the most integral part of the family and thrives on all the adoration that is available to him.

Charlies have a very strong affinity with the people they consider to be their family. They are truly meant to be a part of the family. Once the bond with their family is established, there is nothing that can break that bond. They are truly a devoted animal and expect their family to do the same for them.

A Charlie will naturally gravitate toward adults and seniors. They also adore older and reserved children. They prefer a family who quietly loves and adores them. They will choose favorites among the different members of the family. They are selective, but completely loyal to those they love.

The Charlie doesn't like a lot of hubbub and yelling. They can quickly become overwhelmed in households which are deemed chaotic. They do not do well with households of children which are too young or are unsupervised. They are not likely to be aggressive, but they will bite if they are mistreated or frightened. However, that being said, they can be very good with children if they are treated well.

Owning a Charlie is akin to being the parent of a toddler. While they are willing to please their owners, they can sometimes be very stubborn. A Charlie can be very vulnerable, yet extremely defiant at times. He can be proud or extremely shy. A Charlie will generally do what it wants to do when it wants to do it. A Charlie is always closest to its owner, but is desperate to get and keep your attention. Everything you own is not just yours, it belongs to the Charlie. In fact, the Charlie would prefer if you just accepted that everything is his and that he may or may not let you use it. Remember that a Charlie considers himself royalty and you are his devoted subject.

A Charlie is a lovable and friendly dog. He is also very brave and agile. He makes for an ideal watchdog even though he is small. He is protective of those whom he loves. He has a quiet disposition and is very quick to learn new things. He truly reigns with a dignity amidst the occasional temper tantrum. He mostly just prefers to hang out with his family and to be unconditionally adored.

It is important to note that it is believed that you can never truly own a Charlie. They will choose you and they will consider that they own you. If you can accept this, then you will have a harmonious relationship. If you can spend the time to shower devotion upon this dog, then life will be bliss. The Charlie will return the devotion and unconditional love. If you don't have the energy or capacity to pamper this regal pooch, then you might be better off finding another canine companion.

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The English Toy Spaniel as a Family Dog
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