Australian Cattle Dog
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Australian Cattle Dog

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Temperament and Behavior of Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs are the rugged frontier dogs that you may imagine when you think of the great wide open spaces of Australia. Unlike many of the herding breeds that have gradually been bred into companion dogs, the ACD is more of a traditional working dog at heart. There are some show lines and some lines that are not as naturally inclined to the rather independent temperament of the working Australian Cattle Dog and those are the lines that are most recommended if you want a non-working pet type ACD. [...]

Socializing and Training Australian Cattle Dogs

There are several breeds of dogs that are naturally very calm and well socialized and really don't need extensive amounts of work to be very non-aggressive and friendly towards other dogs and other animals. The Australian Cattle Dog is not one of those breeds, however once properly socialized these dogs are trustworthy with other dogs and tend to be very good companion dogs with people and some other pets such as cats. [...]

Health Concerns with Australian Cattle Dogs

With the intensive and very rugged type of breeding programs, combined with the infusion of both wild dogs, the Dingoes, as well as various domestic breeds, the Australian Cattle Dog is really a very healthy dog overall. Unlike some purebreds that have been extensively line bred or inbred to enhance specific characteristics, the originators of the Australian Cattle Dog breed used out breeding programs to develop the specific characteristics. [...]

Australian Cattle Dogs - The Right Breed For Me?

With their unique coat colorations, their amazing intelligence and natural abilities the Australian Cattle Dog is often a dog that is considered by many to become a family pet and companion. While the Australian Cattle Dog is a terrific breed of dog, their temperament, energy requirements and even their high level of intelligence often makes them challenging for many people. [...]

Competitions for Australian Cattle Dogs

With any herding breed and most of the working dogs it is important for them to feel that they have a purpose in life and something to do. Unfortunately many owners of Australian Cattle Dogs find out the hard way what a bored Australian Cattle Dog is capable of. These dogs will use their natural intelligence and athletic abilities in very weird and destructive ways, barking, digging, climbing and literally destroying whatever seems to take their fancy. [...]

Breed Standards for the Australian Cattle Dog

It is important to keep in mind that the Australian Cattle Dog breed, like most of the herding and working breeds and some of the sporting breeds, actually has two different categories of dogs. There are those that are used for show, which means they are judged on their conformation and their physical appearance and temperament as judged against the breed standards. [...]

Found [21] Articles :: Page 2 of 2
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