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Health Concerns In German Shepherds

The dramatic rise in popularity of the German Shepherd Dog almost from its first introduction to the United States is perhaps the single biggest reason that this breed historically was known for fairly significant health problems. Thankfully a great many highly reputable breeders have been working diligently over the last thirty years or more to eliminate many of the problems found in the breed, and there are very well developed, healthy lines of German Shepherd Dogs found all over the country. The massive random breeding programs used in the early 1900's did cause some problems, however this is certainly not true today. [...]

Health Concerns with the Rottweiler Breed

As with any purebred line of dogs or any hybrid dog breed combination, there are inherited genetic problems that can occur. It is important for dog owners to understand that there are no health issues that occur only in the Rottweiler, rather most of these conditions occur in almost all other types of large breed purebred and mixed breed dogs. [...]

Health Concerns with Akitas

As with any purebred breed of dogs there are some genetic health problems associated with the Akita breed. They are not typically unhealthy dogs and virtually all of the health issues within the breed can be tested for prior to breeding, ensuring that reputable breeders are not producing genetically inferior litters. With this breeds surge in popularity in the early 1970s through the 1980 many puppy mills and backyard breeders produced genetically unhealthy dogs, leading to health issues with the breed. For this reason it is highly recommended to only purchase an Akita from a reputable breeder that completes all health and genetic checks prior to breeding programs. [...]

Health Concerns with Doberman Pinschers

The vast majority of the Doberman Pinscher breed of dogs are extremely health canines that live on average 12 to 14 years. They tend to have several health conditions that are common in other breeds and no common major health concerns that are unique within the Doberman breed. It is highly likely that the strong foundation stock that was used to start the breed in the late 1800’s had these genetic conditions as well, and they continue to be present in the modern day Doberman Pinscher as well as the existing foundation breeds. [...]

Common Weimaraner Health Concerns

Perhaps because of the very selective breeding programs used in the origination of the breed, the modern Weimaraner is normally a very healthy dog. With the rapid surge in popularity in the breed in the United States in the 1960s and 70s there was some indiscriminate breeding, which led to an increase in some health related issues. Selective breeding by knowledgeable and reputable breeders has virtually eliminated most of the controllable genetic issues within the breed. [...]

Living With A Weimaraner

There are a great many reasons why Weimaraners have been a very popular breed from their first introduction into the United States. Part of the allure of the dog is their unique coat and eye color, which has earned them the nickname of the "gray ghost". Another major attraction for many owners to the breed is their high energy level, wonderful athletic abilities and their strong bonding tendencies to their families. These same traits, however, can also pose challenges for some individuals and families that are considering the breed. As with all dogs, there is no one breed that is a perfect match for everyone. Taking the time to research both the good and potentially problematic traits, behaviors or even health considerations of a particular breed is the best way of finding the dog or dog breeds that are most suited to your life. [...]

Health Concerns With Hounds

Hounds, as a group of dogs that were bred for hunting and not for show, are generally very healthy dogs. The major health issues that are seen are no different than for many of working dogs and they tend to be issues that are either genetic or those that can be relatively easily managed, treated and prevented provided owners are aware of the symptoms and respond quickly. [...]

Caring for an American Hound Breed

All of the American Hounds are considered to be coonhounds, which means this is the primary game they have been developed to hunt. All of the dogs can also hunt virtually any other animal as well, with a history of hunting deer, rabbits and even predator animals such as bear and coyotes in many of the different breed histories. As such these dogs have been developed to be very healthy, athletic and strong animals and they are remarkable free from most of the major genetic issues that can be found in other purebred dog lines. [...]

Basset Hound Health Issues

Basset Hounds, perhaps because they were originally developed by using dwarf lines found within Bloodhound and other hunting hounds, tend to have slightly more health concerns than most of the other hound breeds. They have also had significant spikes in popularity throughout history, leading to poor breeding practices by many backyard types of breeders only in it for the money. Reputable breeders and kennels have maintained very healthy and genetically sound Basset Hounds that have few of the health issues listed below. [...]

The Regal Borzoi

Both in heritage and appearance the Borzoi, formerly known as the Russian Wolfhound, is an amazingly gentle, quiet, yet highly athletic and elegant looking dog. They are a true Greyhound in both behavioral traits as well as physical appearance, although there area also some very definite differences between the two breeds in several aspects of temperament. [...]

Found [25] Articles :: Page 2 of 2
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