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The Regal Borzoi

Both in heritage and appearance the Borzoi, formerly known as the Russian Wolfhound, is an amazingly gentle, quiet, yet highly athletic and elegant looking dog. They are a true Greyhound in both behavioral traits as well as physical appearance, although there area also some very definite differences between the two breeds in several aspects of temperament. [...]

Getting to know the Whippet Breed

The Whippet, often misidentified as a miniature Greyhound, is actually a breed of its own. The specific history of the dog is a bit of a mystery, however it is known that the dogs were first developed and bred in the northern part of England in the mid part of the 19th century. As far as the exact breeds used in the development of the Whippet, there is some debate and considerable disagreement in many areas. It is believed that the smallest of Greyhounds were crossed with the larger terriers of the time, resulting in a very fast, highly athletic yet smooth coated dog that more closely resembled the Greyhound than any of the terriers. In addition infusions of Italian Greyhound blood later in the breed development further refined the Whippet and added even more speed. [...]

An Uncommon Breed - The Saluki

According to the American Kennel Club the Saluki was the 116th most popular recognized breed out of a possible 156 in 2008. These very unique looking dogs really are one of a kind in appearance, combining features typical of the scent hounds with the amazing running ability found in the sight hound dogs. As a larger sized hound, the deceptively lean and long body of the Saluki often appears delicate, but these dogs are true hunters and racers. [...]

Is a Greyhound The Right Breed For Me?

The Greyhound is such an elegant, refined, gentle and almost artistic looking dog that many people long to own one as a pet. While these are certainly characteristics of the well trained, socialized and exercised Greyhound, there is also another side to the breed as well. Many potential owners don't consider the possible challenges to owning these dogs until they actually have one in the home. Knowing all aspects of the temperament and traits of the Greyhound can help determine if you are committed to the lifelong care of this wonderful breed of dog. [...]

Helping Your Dog Lose Weight

If you are one of those people that sets yearly weight loss goals for yourself on New Year's Eve, maybe you might want to include your dog in your plans this year. According to results obtained by a national survey of vets, approximately 44% of all domestic pets, including both cats and dogs, are considered to be obese. Cats are actually worse than dogs with almost 57% of the cats examined by the vet clinics on the survey date coming in at obese or overweight. This same study, done by the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that in the United States alone there are some 26 million dogs that are overweight and at least and additional 7.2 million canines that would fit into the category of obese. [...]

Dog Agility Basics For Beginners

There are a lot of great ways to provide fun and exciting kinds of exercise for both you and your dog. These activities are great for getting out of those old ruts when it comes to spending some time in much needed physical activity for your dog. Finding ways to provide exercise while also providing mental stimulation and something new for the dog to look forward to means that both the owner and the dog are more likely to stay involved and interested. [...]

Doggy Dancing For Exercise and Fun

If you haven't seen the latest in dog sports that are taking the world by storm, you probably aren't aware of the growing popularity of various forms of doggy dance., also known more correctly as canine dance. Not only is this type of event physically demanding for the dog, but is great mental stimulation for both dog and owner together. The amount of focus and concentration needed by the dog doesn't make the freestyle type of dancing perfect for all breeds, but there are other styles of dancing as well that can be a great match for any breed of dog. [...]

Flyball, Frisbee and Other Unusual Dog Sports

As most people that own dogs or just enjoy being around dogs have come to realize, each and every dog really has his or her own personality. There are definite breed characteristics, but not all dogs, even purebreds, are exactly the same in what they enjoy, how athletic they are or even how much natural talent and instincts they may posses. [...]

Indoor Exercise Facilities For Dogs

There are several different reasons why owners may want to consider taking advantage of indoor exercise facilities that are geared towards their pets. Not only are indoor facilities great to use year round, but they are also more likely to be appreciated by the humans in the family, providing motivation to actually get out and exercise. People and their dogs interacting provides a real bonding opportunity for the team as well as the obvious benefit of not having to worry about the weather and how you are going to find time to squeeze in a walk between rain or snow storms. [...]

The Best Boredom Busting Toys

Leaving your dog at home, especially in the cold weather where going outside is not an option, can result in an increase in destructive types of behavior. This can even occur with dogs that are well trained and those that are not typically chewers, barkers and home wreckers. Often in winter there is a natural tendency to shorten walks or even skip them altogether, resulting in dogs with even more energy than normal being left alone in the home. [...]

Introducing other Canines

If you have a dog that tends to become bored and destructive when he or she is left alone, one option to help with the problem is to modify the environment. This can occur by creating a dog room or simply confining the dog to a particular area of the house that is safe from any possible damage the dog may do. Increasing exercise and even getting the dog involved in obedience classes can also help a lot with this type of destructive behavior from boredom. Providing toys and puzzles for the dog to play with while you are gone is also another option. [...]

Using In House Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

One sure way to keep your dog exercised and entertained during the day is to provide a bit of company and some built in exercise time. For many owners that work, finding the time to get home on their lunch break, especially in city areas, is often simply impossible. Winter driving conditions can make even a short drive home a lunch a real hassle and problem, which only adds to the stress of the day. [...]

Found [222] Articles :: Page 15 of 15
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