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Spaying or Neutering a West Highland White Terrier

For first time dog buyers, the question of whether to spay or neuter their new dog is often at the forefront of their minds. There are those that feel strongly one way or another about the subject. In many cases, the decision is made for them because many reputable West Highland White Terrier breeders will only sell their puppies to those that will make the commitment to have the puppy spayed or neutered when it reaches the appropriate age. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but many believe spaying or neutering is the ethical choice for responsible pet owners. In this article, we'll take a look at some the most frequent issues involved in spaying or neutering West Highland White Terriers. [...]

Responsibilities of A Dog Owner

There are many different responsibilities to being a good dog owner. One of the most important things that any potential dog owner can do is to honestly look at these responsibilities, and to make a commitment to their new dog or puppy to be the best possible owner they can be. Being a responsible dog owner not only means taking care of your dog physically, but it also means keeping them safe, ensuring they become good pets to have around others, as well as keeping the dog managed, trained and enclosed within your property boundaries. By examining the responsibilities to owning a dog, it is easy to see if owning a dog is the right pet decision for you and your family. [...]

The Canine Reproductive Cycle

A dog's reproductive cycle, like any other animals, is controlled by the environment so that puppies will be born in the best possible conditions if the animals were in the wild. This means that typically in the late winter and into early spring as well as in the late summer or early fall if not bred in the first cycle. Different breeds will have different estrus cycles and the cycles will also vary as the female matures. During the breeding season females start to come into their estrus cycle, which is known as coming into heat. Females that are spayed and males that are neutered do not go through this cycle as the hormones that are needed to trigger the changes in the body are produced in the reproductive organs that are surgically removed during the spaying and neutering process. [...]

Socializing and Training Australian Cattle Dogs

There are several breeds of dogs that are naturally very calm and well socialized and really don't need extensive amounts of work to be very non-aggressive and friendly towards other dogs and other animals. The Australian Cattle Dog is not one of those breeds, however once properly socialized these dogs are trustworthy with other dogs and tend to be very good companion dogs with people and some other pets such as cats. [...]

Training and Socialization of Akitas

The Akita is unique among some of the working group in that they are more comfortable being an only dog or as a pair, rather than being a true pack dog. This may be caused by their fighting heritage or because of their role in the rural areas. It would have been uncommon for people to keep more than one or two of these very large sized dogs, even when they were used for hunting or for herding and protecting flocks, which were a major part of the early Akita's role. [...]

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