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Creating A New Breed: Linda Spurlin & The Alaskan Klee Kai

How do you create an entirely new breed of dog? You start with a dream, add persistence and dedication, and multiply by excellence in breeding standards-precisely the way Linda Spurlin developed the Alaskan Klee Kai. [...]

American Pit Bull Terrier How Good Breeds Go Bad

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog that was descended from the much respected bull dogs and terriers. They have a long and varied history that dates back to the early 1800's. [h]The American Pit Bull Terrier-Historically Speaking[/h] It is true that the American Pit Bull Terrier was bred for a number of characteristics that can be misconstrued as negatives, especially in a family dog. [...]

Wisconsin's American Water Spaniel Honor

It's not everyday that a dog is given the honorary title of State Dog but Wisconsin certainly found the American Water Spaniel worthy of the designation. After all, the breed is believed to have gotten its start in the Wolf and Fox River Valleys of Wisconsin in the late 1800's. Upon crossing an Olde English Spaniel, the Irish Water Spaniel and the Curly Coat Retriever, the result was a compact water dog called the American Water Spaniel. Used for retrieving, the breed had everything hunters needed for swimming the marshy waters to locate and return downed waterfowl. [...]

The Difference Between Irish and American Water Spaniels

The American Water Spaniel and its look a like cousin, the Irish Water Spaniel, share many commonalities. They were both bred to hunt on land and water, have shaggy coats that help protect them from cooler temperatures and are well renowned with hunting enthusiasts around the world. They are both intelligent, lively breeds that thrive on human companionship. The American Water Spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel are also rare breeds and locating one can mean spending months on a waiting list. [...]

Jobs of a Poodle: from Water Dog to Circus Dog to Companion

All dog breeds have a purpose in life; each was created to fulfill some role, to help humans in some way. Poodles are no different; there is controversy as to where and from what stock the Poodle actually originated, but many experts are in agreement that this breed is quite old. Pictorial references to dogs resembling poodles have been observed in art dating to Roman or even Ancient Egyptian times. As is the case with many dogs, Poodles have gone from working dogs to companions, as their original "jobs" have lost importance; as occurs with many dogs, however, the skills that made them so suitable for their intended occupations have very nicely been applied towards making them an excellent family pet. [...]

The American Water Spaniel Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The American Water Spaniel is a breed that has a number of rarities to its credit. Not only is it one of five dog breeds ever developed in the United States, it also has only three bloodlines left in the entire world. The American Water Spaniel has also caused more than its fair share of controversy in the American Kennel Club. This is due mostly to the breed's versatility. Two clubs, the American Water Spaniel Club and the American Water Spaniel Field Association are both recognized by the AKC. While one side stands firm that the breed is a spaniel, the other insists it is a retriever. [...]

Weird Facts/Did You Know

If you want to own one of these fine looking dogs, you may want to get some background on their history and some of the things that have become part of the legacy of the Belgian Sheepdog. [...]

How the Shih Tzu Spread from the Palace to the Playground

The history of the shih tzu spans many hundreds of years and began in modern day China. Today these dogs are the trusted companions of millions of young children and families for the very same reasons they were once the canine choice of imperial ladies in waiting. It is thought that the origins of the shih tzu go back nearly 3,000 years when Tibet sent gifts of these dogs to the Imperial palace. There are reports of small "under table" dogs who picked up scraps and alerted their keepers (usually eunuchs who ran many functions of the imperial household) of anything approaching the castle. [...]

Development of the Dachshund in Germany and Continental Europe

Like many art forms, the dachshund represents over 500 years of fine German engineering, though other countries in north and central continental Europe contributed to the breed as we know it today. Ultimately, the dachshund is a representation of how a job can affect the morphology of the creatures people keep. [...]

The Field Spaniel: A Rare Breed

Times have changed. While dogs were bought just to become pets in the past, now they have important roles in the household and even in the community. Because of this, there are more dogs now that have become popular, not because of their cuteness and beauty, but because of their abilities and talents. Unfortunately, quite a number of these dog breeds, which are considered utilitarian, are also rare. This rarity may be a result of its selective breeding. But, whatever be the reason, these dogs are becoming more popular among dog lovers. [...]

The Overnight Success of the Field Spaniel

Field Spaniels may be rare now because of the unfortunate breeding circumstances they went through when they first emerged. Throughout their history, they have made quite an impression as show dogs. In fact, their achievements in the show ring could be considered overnight success. [...]

The Return of the Field Spaniel

After its unfortunate decline in the 19th century due to the selective breeding that resulted in an extreme version of the breed, the Field Spaniel made its comeback when it began to grow again in numbers. This dog breed almost saw extinction right after it was recognized as a separate breed from the English Cocker Spaniel. It was just fortunate that there were several breeders who made efforts to revive this popular breed which was a cross between the Springer and the Cocker Spaniels. [...]

The Rise and Fall of the Field Spaniel

There could possibly never be another dog breed that has experienced the same rise and fall that the Field Spaniel went through. The dramatic events that accompanied the Field Spaniel's early existence have made many people marvel at how the breed has survived up to this day. There may also never be another dog breed that went through so many exaggerated versions of its type before it came to be the breed that it is today. Judging from what it is now, one could say that what it went through in the past may have been necessary for it to become the dog of beauty and stature that we all now know and love. [...]

The Tragedy of the Field Spaniel

As a cross between the Springer and the Cocker Spaniel, the modern-day Field Spaniel did not come into distinction as a separate breed without any difficulty. In fact, it met with a tragedy that almost resulted in its near extinction. This happened in the 19th century almost right after it was first recognized as a separate breed from the Cocker Spaniel. Its selective breeding met with dismal results because the new type of Field Spaniel was unable to work in the field as well as it used to. At the end of World War II, Field Spaniels became very rare and had their championship status withdrawn. [...]

The Samoyed: A Spitz Breed Overview

The Samoyed, despite its many unique qualifications, belongs to a larger subcategory of dog known as the Spitz breeds. The Spitz breeds in general are characterized as having long thick fur and pointed ears or muzzles, with a tail that usually curves over and above the dog's back. Aside from this general physical description, however, dogs in the Spitz breed category tend to share much more in common. [...]

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Found [131] Articles :: Page 6 of 9
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