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Miniature Horses as Pets

Miniature horses make wonderful pets; you should be able to adopt a mini fairly easily through a horse rescue organization, buy one from an auction, on the Internet, or from an individual owner. There is no need to spend a huge amount of money to buy a miniature horse when there are those that didn't meet the standards to be used as guide or therapy horses that need loving homes. [...]

Riding the Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter is native to the United States. This animal is a picture of elegance and grace; its normal gait is in a diagonal line. The front legs walk and the back legs trot behind. The rider does not bounce up and down, but rather moves in a rhythmic gliding motion. Its graceful appearance is accentuated by its proudly raised head and elevated tail. A Missouri Fox Trotter should be 14 to 16 hands high to carry the weight of an adult rider. [...]

Show, Appearance and Presentation

When it comes to the appearance and presentation of your British Riding Pony in a show, you will need to do a few things in order to prepare him first. After all, the presentation of your pony is a major key to your success in the arena.You will need to bathe your British Riding Pony before your competition. This should be done a few days prior to the competition show. You will need to allow time for the natural oils he possesses in his coat to work their magic. These will help your pony to shine with an outward glow. If your pony's natural oils do not have enough time to work their magic, then you can apply a shine enhancing product to his coat after he is completely dry. Be careful not to use too much of the product around the saddle area. This can cause the saddle to slip and create a dangerous situation for you and your pony as well as mess up your performance in the competition.After your British Riding Pony has had his bath, you will need to attend to any hair clipping that needs to be done. The feathery hair on his legs will need to be clipped closely. [...]

Getting Your German Pinscher Ready For A Show

A smooth and short coated breed, the German Pinscher is certainly not as difficult to get ready for a show when it comes to coat care as many other breeds, however there are some techniques that owners can use to get their dog in tip top condition. Since a German Pinscher is a very eye catching dog, a sleek, shiny coat is sure to catch the judge's eye as well as lead to a lot of interest in the breed. Whenever possible bathe the German Pinscher at least one day before the show to allow the coat the opportunity to lie flat as well as have the natural oils redistributed through the hair to give that natural gleam. Bathing on the day of the show will make the hair appear less shiny and also slightly fluffier and away from the body, which is not what the judges will be looking for. When selecting a shampoo look for an herbal or natural dog shampoo that is free from perfumes, or even consider a shampoo for black dogs if you have the black and tan colored German Pinscher as this will enhance the shine. [...]

Fall Shedding And Coat Changes

The very first time the owner of a double coated dog goes through the seasonal shed and coat change they may be feeling ready to pull their own hair out. Even those owners with single coated dogs or dogs that are considered to be non-shedding breeds may find that they have a few hairs deposited on the carpet and furniture over the autumn season as well as again in the spring. In reality there are no breeds, other than the true hairless dog breeds, that don't shed to some extent. [...]

Coat And Skin Care

During the winter months a dog's coat and skin can become dry and damaged both from a change in the environment plus a decrease in appetite and food consumption. Most dogs are much less active in the winter and tend to eat less overall, which can result in minor nutritional deficiencies that show up in the coat. Often the decrease in food also causes decreases in the intake of fatty acids as well as proteins, both which are essential for a nice shiny and healthy coat. [...]

Tips For Showing Dogs Over Winter

The cold, blustery and less than ideal winter months don't mean a slow down in the hectic world of dog shows and competitions. There are many winter exhibitions, dog shows and even international level competitions that continue on even in the cold weather. Of course most of these types of events are indoors, but there are winter competitions such as some of the field trial events, tracking and even sled dog competitions that go on regardless of the weather. [...]

Dog Spas - Pamper Your Pooch

Americans spend millions of dollars each year on their beloved pets at Christmas time. Years ago, the money people spent on their dogs was usually for necessities such as food, basic grooming, obedience training, inexpensive toys and treats. No longer considered "just pets" dogs are cherished, important, loved members of the family that provide joy, unconditional love, friendship and loyalty. In return, people shower their dogs with love, affection and necessities, often at Christmas time. [...]

Groomers And Doggy Spas - A Great Career Choice

If you really enjoy working with dogs of all types, breeds and kinds you may serious want to consider working as a professional groomer or as a doggy spa owner. More and more busy professionals and those Moms and Dads with active families simply don't have time to groom, bath and pamper their pets, so they turn to professionals to safely and carefully take care of their beloved dogs. [...]

Unusual Coats For Herding Dogs

There are a great number of reasons that people are naturally attracted to dogs that have been bred as herding animals. Typically these types of dogs are calm, intelligent and active, easy to train but also independent. They tend to be dogs that are suitable to being left alone for normal time frames during the day without having separation anxiety problems, plus they are often very capable of entertaining themselves if they have a companion dog or two. [...]

Tips For Managing Spring Shedding

Spring for most people means lovely warm days, budding trees and blooming flowers and that wonderful feeling of renewal and lazy summer days to come. For dog owners, however, spring is often a dreaded time of year when literally drifts of dog hair cover the yard, the furniture, the carpets and of course the inside of your car. Dogs that are double coated, which means they have a coarser, outer coat covering a dense inner woolly coat are the heaviest shedders. This shedding is most pronounced when the dense inner coat is released to provide more cooling options for the dog in the hot summer weather. [...]

Clipping Your Dog For Warmer Weather

There are a great number of different types of dogs that are normally clipped or trimmed to help keep their coat manageable and help them stay cool in the hot summer months. Although many people think of clipping only for the small and toy housedogs, throughout history many of the hunting and working dogs have also been clipped. Clipping a dog correctly can result in a great experience for your dog and something they look forward to as a pleasant event, or it can become a real disaster, leading to problems each and every year. [...]

Kids and High Energy Dog Breeds

If there ever was a win-win combination, kids and high energy breeds of dogs would have to be at the top of the list. The natural energy and activity level of most children is ideal for dogs that like to be on the go. Kids also tend to enjoy playing with the dog, involving them in everything they do, which again is positive for both the child and the pet. High energy breeds of dogs often seem to have a natural affinity for children, however this doesn't mean that special and specific training doesn't need to occur. [...]

Farms and Rural Areas

Planning a summer get-away to a farm, rural area or the countryside is a great way to just relax, unwind and enjoy your vacation in a less stressful environment. It is also a great way to spend some time with your dog taking long walks or just giving your pet some much needed outside space and time. While countryside living has its definite advantages, there are some issues and possible concerns that owners need to be aware of before their vacation. First and foremost is that while your dog is out of the city they are much more likely to engage in more "doggy" type behaviors. [...]

Double Coated Dogs and Clips

Beating the summer heat for many breeds of dogs includes a trip to the groomer for a sporty clip. While cutting a dog's hair is great idea for most breeds it is not advisable under most conditions for a few breeds. Generally most dogs with longer, double coats can benefit from a summer clip that both thins out the hair as well as shortens both the inner and outer coats, allowing more air circulation against the skin. [...]

Found [193] Articles :: Page 12 of 13
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