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Border Terriers and Earthdog Trials

Because of their long history as working hunting dogs, Border Terriers still retain much of their hunting instincts. While they have found success in present day agility and obedience trials, they really excel in Earthdog trials. As a matter of fact, more Border Terriers have won American Kennel Club Earthdog trials than any other breed. If you're looking for a way to get involved in competition and exercise with your Border Terrier, Earthdog trials are a great option. [...]

Border Terriers and Hunting

Border Terriers enjoy a long history as working dogs going back at least two hundred years. They were originally developed by the Robson family in the middle of the 19th century to hunt fox, rabbit, and other small animals around the border between England and Scotland, which is how they earned their name. While Border Terriers are not the most popular hunting dog in the world, they certainly are still used for hunting both in North America and in England. In this article, we'll take a look at training and where hunting is available in the United States. [...]

Border Terrier: Did You Know ?

Border Terriers are energetic, playful, clever dogs that are devoted to their favorite person or family. Like many terriers, they tend to have dominant personalities, but this attitude can be trained out with early obedience training. These active little dogs excel in most dog sporting events, including Agility, Obedience, Flyball, and Earthdog trials. They respond well to positive reinforcement training and are famous for their love of food, so food treats are an excellent way to reinforce good behavior. Perhaps not the best choice for the youngest of children, Border Terriers are nevertheless excellent companions for families if trained properly. [...]

Cesky Terrier Shows and Competitions

For people that love Cesky terriers, enjoy being around other Cesky terriers and owners of this wonderful breed, Cesky terrier dog shows and competitions are fun events to watch and an enjoyable, rewarding experience if you choose to compete. Cesky terrier dog events, trials, shows, and competitions are a great way to spend time and be active with your pet. They are rewarding, fun and offered both in the United States and internationally. [...]

Fun Activities With A Cesky Terrier

Since the Cesky Terrier has such an outstanding personality and temperament and gets along well with kids and other dogs they are an ideal breed for a family that loves to take their pet with them. Unlike many of the terrier breeds the Cesky does not have as high of a prey instinct and is not as prone to chasing or running when off-leash once they are fully obedience trained. This means that the Cesky is a very versatile dog that can enjoy a huge range of activities. [...]

Earthdog Trials and Hunting Events

The Earthdog Trials are noncompetitive venues for Cesky terriers, small terriers, and Dachshunds. The Earthdog tests offer breeders and dog owners a standardized gauge that assesses their Cesky terriers and other dogs trained and natural working and hunting abilities, by exposing the dogs to a specific hunting situation. If you are interested in getting your Cesky terrier started in Earthdog tests, get a book of regulations from the American Kennel Club. [...]

Why the Dachshund Club of America Doesn't Want You to Go to the Races

All breeds of dog were created from existing stock to do something in particular. Just because we tend to keep them all as pets in post-modern times doesn't mean dogs have lived and worked with human beings for centuries. The dachshund was designed for one thing: going to ground. Whether that means hunting badgers, rabbits or whatever, it's what they do. [...]

Resources on Miniature Bull Terriers

For people considering a miniature bull terrier as a pet or for someone wanting to show, train, or enter their dogs in events or competitions, it is important to have as much information and accurate facts as possible. There are a great number of resources available on the Internet with websites that have information on anything you need to know about miniature bull terriers. Books are another great source of important information along with Kennel Clubs, the miniature bull terrier association, and breeders. [...]

Events and Competitions For A Mini Bull

For an active miniature bull terrier that has done well in obedience training, possesses excellent social skills, and you want something fun and physical to do together with your pet, then competitions and events are a great way to spend quality time with your dog. This is also a great way to socialize and be with other miniature bull terrier lovers and their pets. Mini bulls love agility training because they get to jump, run, and burn off some of their excess energy. Events such as an agility training competitions are exciting and fun for you and your dog to compete in and just as enjoyable when watching the other dogs compete. [...]

Digging Behavior in West Highland White Terriers

Like most terriers, West Highland White Terriers have a tendency towards digging. While this behavior is natural to a breed that was bred specifically for this purpose, as a pet, digging can be destructive for a cultivated lawn or dangerous for the dog if he gets a notion to dig under a fence to see what's on the other side. While digging is natural for Westies, there are various methods of controlling this behavior. In this article, we'll take a look at why Westies are predisposed to digging behavior and some tips for how to control it.In order to understand why the West Highland White Terrier has a penchant for digging, we have to go back to its roots. Westies, as well as other short legged terriers from Scotland, were bred specifically for aiding in the hunt for small animals. These "earth dogs" were trained to search out and flush fox and other small animals from their burrows. After generations of this type of work, the behavior becomes ingrained and the body evolves to suit its purpose. This is why Westie's and other terrier's nails tend to grow faster than other breeds, in order to aid them in their digging work. [...]

West Highland White Terriers and Earthdog Tests

West Highland White Terriers enjoy a long history as working hunting dogs. In fact, they, along with other short legged terriers that originate in Scotland, were bred specifically to help farmers in keeping small burrowing animals such as foxes and badgers from destroying the crops. This digging instinct is still strong in Westies today, making them excellent competitors in modern day Earthdog Trials. If you're looking for a way to get involved in sporting events with your Westie, Earthdog Trials are an excellent option.Earthdog Trials, notably hosted by the American Kennel Club as well as other organizations throughout North America and Europe, are a non-competitive and safe way of gauging a dog's aptitude in "going to ground," or hunting for quarry in a series of underground tunnels. [...]

Underground Earthdog Testing

Because of the small size of a Dandie Dinmont Terrier, they are quite capable of being successful in underground earthdog testing. The tests are conducted as non-competitive trials in order to assess the hunting ability of an individual dog during the performance of an underground hunting expedition. Owners don't have to be concerned with their dogs being in danger as the encounters are controlled. [...]

Top Activity Choices for the Bedlington Terrier

It is commonly believed that somewhere in the history of the Bedlington Terrier, the Greyhound and the Whippet make their appearance. This is based largely on the breed's arched back, a trademark characteristic seen in the two sighthounds. The only difference is in the Bedlingtons front legs that are perfectly developed for turning on a dime at high speeds. This has made the Bedlington an absolute ideal choice for agility course training and field trials. On top of their physical aptness for the activity, it provides the perfect amount of mental stimulations that keeps the Bedlington at its best. Working breed dogs are happiest when they are given a specific job to do and the Bedlington is no different.Along with agility training, years as a baiting dog have made the Bedlington a perfect candidate for earth dog competitions. Earth dog competitions are events that put a dog's basic skills and instincts to the test. [...]

Specialized Events For Different Breeds

Each type or breed of dog has been bred and developed to fill a particular niche for humans. This may be a very general job such as a companion dog's role, or it may be very practical such as a breed that has been developed as a gun or hunting dog, as a working dog or as a herding or flock guardian. Each breed, regardless of its size or abilities, has a special type of event or competition that they could, with work and practice, start to compete in. Some competitions will require that the dog be a registered purebred, while other events, typically the hunting and working trials, will be open to all dogs regardless of registry or lineage. Other events may be sponsored completely by one breed association and may be restricted to dogs that are registered through that group, club or association. [...]

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