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Herding Dog

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A Dog That Doesn't Forget

The Maremma Sheepdog is a highly intelligent dog that can be trusted to be left alone with the sheep for several days. They do not forget their duty to guard the sheep and they will remain attentive and on the job, regardless of whether you are there or not. This ability to remember its function also extends to any behavior between it and its owner. [...]

Tending Its Flock Is Serious Business

You can take the dog out of the flock, but you can't take the guarding instinct out of the Maremma Sheepdog. This dog is sometimes thought of as the best sheep herding and guard dog around. It has guarding instincts that can range from a fierce attack on wolves to a careful tending of an injured lamb. The Maremma Sheepdog is such a dutiful guard dog that you can leave it unattended for several days and it will continue to guard the flock, even when you aren't there. [...]

Herding with the Miniature Australian Shepherd

As the breed's name implies, the Miniature Australian Shepherd was born and bred to be a herder. Its natural instinct to herd can be traced, much like every other facet of the Miniature Australian Shepherd, to the Australian Shepherd, to which it shares a history until 1968, when the miniature breed was first created. [...]

Cute And Annoying Herding Behavior In Your PON

A PON (Polish Owczarek Nizinny) is a dog that was bred to help larger dogs herd sheep. While the larger dogs acted as guard dogs and protected the flock from intruders, the PON was busy guiding the flock away from dangers and towards their final destination. This makes the PON a very intelligent animal, somewhat independent, but with a much more affectionate outlook than other herding dogs. [...]

How To Socialize Your PON And When You Have Other Pets

A Polish Owczarek Nizinny, PON, is a wonderfully affectionate dog once it is socialized properly. It has come from a long line of sheep herding dogs that take great pride in being part of a family unit. There are certain things that bring out the loyal and affectionate nature of the dog, while downplaying some of the natural suspiciousness of the breed. The trick to socializing your dog is to start early and to include all members or your family, even other pets in the household. [...]

A Dog That Is Highly Intelligent

As a herding dog, the PON (Polish Owczarek Nizinny) has a natural intelligence and independence to make its own decisions. It has developed this capacity to learn and to judge its environment from years of breeding. This can be a good character trait as well as a bad one, depending on how the dog fits into the family unit. [...]

A Dog Comfortable In Different Environments

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny, sometimes referred to as a PONS, is a dog bred for helping larger dogs to herd livestock. In the United States, the dog would also be called the Polish Lowland Sheepdog. This is a medium-sized dog that has a very even temperament. These dogs were bred to be used with larger, aggressive dogs that actually guarded and protected the flock, but that was not their primary role. Instead, they helped to keep the livestock in line and away from any dangerous areas. They are intelligent, well mannered, but can still be somewhat suspicious of strangers. For this reason, they can make ideal dogs for almost any environment, whether it is a country home or a city apartment. [...]

Herding Abilities of the Bearded Collie

Although it is possible to keep a Bearded Collie as a pet, they are very energetic dogs, and as such, they work well as herding dogs for both sheep and cattle. Their history takes them back to the Scottish Highlands where they performed their duties as a working dog doing just that, herding the sheep. They are a very strong and reliable breed that is able to endure the harshest working conditions, even that of a difficult herd of sheep or cattle. [...]

The Briard And Its Herding History

The Briard is an old breed of dog, well known for its look and its personality. Yet, what many do not know about this loving animal is that it is very much a dog with fierce hunting abilities and incredible instincts. Today's Briard is quite a bit different from the one of its past. Nevertheless, when put to the test, these dogs will always outperform others in hunting skills, in defending his owner and in keeping his herd safe. For this reason, they are still used for herding today. Those that want to own this breed should not be overly concerned about these characteristics because the dogs are loyal to the end. [...]

The Little Herder

Nowadays, Cardigan Welsh Corgis are used primarily as companion dogs and proud Cardigan owners swear by the loyal, affectionate, and protective nature of their little canine friends. While they don't need an excessive amount of exercise, they are active dogs and owners find that their Cardigans greatly benefit from participating in a wide variety of organized competitions. One of the Cardigan's favorite competitions is the sheepdog trial; indeed, it may seem strange when looking at the stature of this dog, but the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of the oldest and actually most formidable herding breeds man has ever bred. [...]

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ears

There is quite a great deal of debate regarding certain evolutionary concepts; one concept that is especially controversial is the form follows function idea. At the level of anatomy, this idea states that a certain body part will be shaped or built in such a way as to allow it to perform a specific job. The debate regarding this concept can essentially be boiled down what came first, the chicken or the egg? In the sense that scientists are unsure whether a body part first assumes a certain function and then changes over time to assume a proper shape for that function, or if the form of the body part changes first and then assumes a certain function; others claim that the two go hand in hand. [...]

Using Rottweilers For Herding

Looking back at the history of the Rottweiler, you will see that one of its first jobs was to herd cattle and sheep. In fact it dates back to Roman times that Rottweilers were used to guide the food supply over the Alps. Then they were used in Germany to guide cattle to the markets.The breed was specifically bred to herd and for this purpose they were generally less stocky than they are today. However, it is still possible to use your Rottweiler as a herding dog, it just requires firm and consistent training! [...]

The Old English Sheepdog as a Nanny

Old English Sheepdogs were bred mainly to be the perfect herders; their herding qualities allowed them to also become a wonderful protector and companion for their human family. Because herding dogs needed to understand commands and complex tasks, the Old English Sheepdog was bred to be intelligent; they are also intuitive, as this skill helped them to anticipate the moves of sheep and predators. They are extremely gentle, as farmers needed to be able to trust them around their defenseless flocks; loyalty was also bred into this dog, so that he would protect all that belonged to his master. [...]

The Old English Sheepdog and Herding

Herding is an ancient practice, going back to before the beginnings of true civilization; it consists in making sure individual animals form a group, stay in the group, and move as a group from one place to another. People originally performed this function, though they quickly learned to use the instinctive behavior of the dog (the wolf, in his hunting escapades, mimics herding); indeed, the dog soon became an essential aid to the shepherd for herding, protecting, and transporting flocks and herds.There are a number of different herding dog breeds, some older than others; some dogs also act as livestock guardian dogs, protecting the herd from dangerous predators. Some dogs either herd or protect, but do not often do both. Some herding dogs were bred to work with specific animals, such as sheep or cattle, while others were bred to work with a variety of livestock.The Old English Sheepdog was bred as a herding dog, though he was also called on to protect his charges from fierce animals such as wolves. He was mainly used to herd sheep, though he also worked well with cattle; the breed has also been put to use herding reindeer, thanks to his tolerance of cold weather. After a period of time, the Old English Sheepdog was also used to drive his master's sheep and cattle to market. [...]

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs as Tracking Dogs

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs have many attributes that make them a tremendous asset as tracking dogs. One of the many stories attributed to a Great Swiss Mountain Dog was one in which a farmer loaded up his cart with his wares and was about to go on his regular route to make deliveries, when he began to feel ill and went inside to rest, leaving his dog hitched to the cart. After having been ill that whole day, when he went outside that evening, he found his cart empty, and later was able to ascertain that his dog had realized it was time to make deliveries, had pulled the wagon the regular route, and allowed the farmer's customers to take their orders from the wagon. [...]

Found [32] Articles :: Page 2 of 3
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