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A great way to inform and better protect you from scammers
Welcome to our SCAM ALERT system!

Due to the high number of scams going on, we developed a scam filter to filter all inquiries made to breeders who advertise at TerrificPets.com. We have posted a list of emails and scam type information caught by our new system.

All these emails below are SCAMMERS! Some of the emails may not look like scams, but they all lead to the same thing. The scammer will pay by check (cashier's check/money order) for more then the pet is worth, then they will ask you to send them back the difference in money. A couple weeks later you find out the check was fake and the bank will take it out of your account. This scam can be set up several ways.

Some key points for pointing out a scammer:
1. Doesn't care much about the pet, just the transaction.
2. Says they will use their own shipper.
3. 95% of the scammers are from overseas (Nigeria, Israel, South Africa)
4. Pays you more then the pet is worth, then asks for the difference in money back.

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  Email Type IP Address Date Caught
Info abodoser413@hotmail.com Buyer 5/25/2005
Info chrisbodi@hotmail.com Buyer 5/24/2005
Info seanmore30@yahoo.com Buyer 5/24/2005
Info kirian@justice.com Buyer 5/24/2005
Info johnbryant200@yahoo.com Buyer 5/24/2005
Info JESSICCA_002@FASTERMAIL.COM Buyer 5/24/2005
Info jessicapups2005@yahoo.com Buyer 5/24/2005
Info harry_lee_smith1991@hotmail.co.uk Buyer 5/24/2005
Info edd_0190@hotmail.com Buyer 5/24/2005
Info binderbulldogs@freemail.hu Buyer 5/24/2005
Info barryfell@texturesdesign.co.uk Buyer 5/24/2005
Info pikechupikechu@yahoo.co.uk Buyer 5/20/2005
Info judyfriend202@yahoo.com Buyer 5/20/2005
Info fred_baggs01@yahoo.com Buyer 5/20/2005
Info scout_cole@yahoo.com Buyer 5/18/2005
Info david_lascar@msn.com Buyer 5/18/2005
Info harrydonwellstore@yahoo.com Buyer 5/17/2005
Info chrstnkone1@yahoo.com Buyer 5/16/2005
Info control00001@yahoo.com Buyer 5/16/2005
Info robertfig_smith@yahoo.com Buyer 5/16/2005
Info scott_luis2002@yahoo.com Buyer 5/16/2005
Info suraju_derico@yahoo.com Buyer 5/16/2005
Info THEGAME_UY190@YAHOO.COM Buyer 5/16/2005
Info tily2393@yahoo.com Buyer 5/16/2005
Info tonyfriky@yahoo.com Buyer 5/16/2005
Info wily@india.com Buyer 5/12/2005
Info THEGAME_UY190@YAHOO.COM Buyer 5/12/2005
Info mofe_joe@yahoo.co.uk Buyer 5/12/2005
Info jaiye24@gmail.com Buyer 5/12/2005
Info m_makara83@yahoo.com Buyer 5/12/2005
Info martyns_scott@yahoo.com Buyer 5/12/2005
Info morrison_h@rediffmail.com Buyer 5/12/2005
Info morrison_h02@yahoo.co.uk Buyer 5/12/2005
Info mrs_rita_hill@yahoo.com Buyer 5/12/2005
Info sales@karrystore.com Buyer 5/12/2005
Info wily@india.com Buyer 5/12/2005
Info m_makara83@yahoo.com Buyer 5/11/2005
Info morrison_h@rediffmail.com Buyer 5/11/2005
Info mrs_rita_hill@yahoo.com Buyer 5/11/2005
Info noah_moses200x@yahoo.com Buyer 5/11/2005
Info sales@karrystore.com Buyer 5/11/2005
Info scott_luis2002@yahoo.com Buyer 5/11/2005
Info charity_gbriel@yahoo.fr Buyer 5/10/2005
Info dr_james_roland@yahoo.com Buyer 5/10/2005
Info goldy_kate@yahoo.com Buyer 5/10/2005
Info noah_moses200x@yahoo.com Buyer 5/10/2005
Info scott_luis2002@yahoo.com Buyer 5/10/2005
Info e_eman60@hotmail.com Buyer 5/9/2005
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