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Male and Female Spinone Italiano

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Tags: Spinone Italiano, Behavior, Temperament

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Choosing between getting a male or female Spinone Italiano pet should not pose a problem. Aside from a very small margin of difference when it comes to physical stature, their temperament is very much alike.

In physique, a male Spinone Italiano usually stands between 60 to 70 centimeters (23.5 - 27.5 inches) at the withers and weighs between 34 to 39 kilograms (75 - 86 pounds.) A female Spinone Italiano usually stands between 59 to 65 centimeters (22.5 - 25.5 inches) at the withers and weighs between 29 to 34 kilograms (64 - 75 pounds.) The gender of your Spinone Italiano does not affect the length or coloration of its coat.

In other aspects, there is little difference between the males and female Spinone Italiano. However, some of the more glaring "discrepancies" between the sexes are as follows:

The Spinone Italiano dog breed is a bit slobbery, especially the males. They have the unintentional tendency to spray everything that is nearby with their spittle. To some, this may be an endearing quality, especially if they like sloppy but lovable slobs for pets. Males tend to be more vigorously affectionate towards their human handlers. They also expect a hearty response from you and will often entice you to a round of rough play or some enthusiastic rubbing. They can come up to your face and give you a face wiping you'll never forget.

Although more reserved than their male counterparts, female Spinone Italiano also tend to slobber a bit, but they are less prone to come up to your face and give you a doggy kiss. Females prefer to receive a more tame kind of affection. Often a pat on the head, or a spine rubbing or a good belly scratch will suffice. They are also more likely to lie quietly at your feet.

Stubbornness is a streak many male dogs carry, even with a very docile dog like the Spinone Italiano. This may be due to the fact that males in dog packs often fight for dominance, and only the top dog gets to have his way. This inherent trait can be seen in most pack animals, and may seem as a sign of stubbornness on their part. This supposed stubborn streak can easily be eliminated by showing complete dominance over your Spinone Italiano pets during any form of training. Make sure that when you say "no," you actually mean it. Dogs are notoriously known to sniff out wishy-washy handlers, and they tend to exploit this to the hilt.

Female Spinone Italiano seems to learn faster than its male counterpart, but that does not mean that they are less stubborn or willful. Often, a female will try to circumvent rules through less direct means like pretending to approach a bit too slowly when summoned, or high-tailing it out of training sessions when you aren't looking.

In both genders, Spinone Italiano dogs exhibit extreme friendliness towards all living persuasion, and it doesn't matter if those are humans, canines or other animals. They certainly cannot make great guard pets because they consider everyone as "friends," and are not prone to barking at the approach of strangers.

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Male and Female Spinone Italiano
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