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Scottish Terrier Temperament

The Scottish Terrier has what is perhaps the strongest and boldest personality of any dog among the terriers. Bred to be an aggressive hunter, he can be strikingly loyal or stubbornly independent all at the same time. Their possessive nature and breeding might also lead to aggressive behavior around other animals that will need to be addressed. Indeed, there are many things to know about Scottie temperament that sets them apart from other breeds. [...]

American Bulldog: Weird facts Did you know?

The American bulldog's origin is speculated in three different theories. One is that it is said to be a descendant of the English bulldog and was rumored to have been brought over by settlers to help with the guarding of crops and livestock. This theory also states that the American bulldog is actually the truer type of "English bulldog" than the present English bulldog. Another theory states that the American bulldog is a result of a cross breeding with other dog breeds. The final theory in this triumvirate combines the first and the second theory. [...]

The Pekingese and Aggression

There are many terms that can be used to describe the temperament of the Pekingese dog, but the one that most often comes to mind is stubborn. The Pekingese is also a very jealous dog and often this jealousy shows in the form of aggression. They may get very aggressive towards other dogs in their house or even in the neighborhood if they're nearby. Whereas most dogs can be socialized into getting along with other dogs, the Pekingese is a hard and stubborn dog to budge. [...]

The Pekingese as a Family Pet

When choosing a family pet, there are many choices from which to pick. While many people like large dogs for protection, many people are still choosing small breeds such as the Pekingese or "The Peke". The Pekingese is a small breed of dog in the toy family. It is important to realize and remember that even though they are small in size, they are every bit as much of a dog as a large dog - in some ways more. They are a loving and affectionate dog that loves to be cuddled and given lots of attention. [...]

The American Bulldog Pup and Their Personalities

Quite a few people may know this but dogs are born with distinct personalities all of their own. These personalities range from the completely docile, to the balanced mix of active and passive natures, to the rather hyper-active and to the rather aggressive. Just like humans, your bulldog pup can have a few rather desirable or undesirable traits that they may have inherited from past ancestors or simply have uniquely all on their own. [...]

Why Choose an American Bulldog for a Pet?

When people consider getting a dog as a pet, they often decide on the kind of breed they want based on a few factors that have to do with what they want a pet to be like. [...]

The Pekingese - A Difficult Dog?

The Pekingese is a breed of toy dog that is very popular as a family pet. They are popular with the elderly, single families, and families with children. They are very loving affectionate dogs that will protect you with their lives in spite of their small size. As wonderful as they are as pets, they can also be very difficult dogs to own. The Pekingese or Peke likes to think of himself as the boss of the household and will try to get away with as much as possible. [...]

Your American Bulldog and Your Home

The American Bulldog is leaner, taller and less wrinkled than the English bulldog. This breed of dog is so powerful that it is often entered in very physically demanding sports like weight-pulling or carting. The wonderful thing about the American Bulldog, though, is that all the brawn hides a soft spot. This dog is happy and outgoing. It likes to be in the company of friends: human companions, other dogs, and even other animals. [...]

The Misnomer of the American Eskimo

The American Eskimo is anything but American. The European breed was originally known as the Standard German Spitz and is notably related to the Pomeranian and Keeshond breeds. Also known as the Deutscher Spitz, this lively breed was used as a companion and general guard dog. [...]

Training Issues of the American Eskimo

Every dog can have their training issues and the American Eskimo is no different. The Eskie is bright and well aware of its environment, noting any and all changes no matter how subtle. Many owners swear that the Eskie's level of awareness is somewhat eerie, having an almost precognitive energy. However, this is just a sign of their intelligence. [...]


Newfoundlands are not Saint Bernards. Big, friendly, cuddly, and instinctual rescuers - Saint Bernards and Newfoundlands share several similarities which make them difficult to tell apart. But they are two distinct breeds that happen to share an intertwining history. Many people will look at the usually dark colored Newfoundland and guess that he is a black Saint Bernard. The fact that the Saint Bernard was bred for much the same purposes as well as crossed with the Newfoundland is the reason they share features but still carry subtle dissimilarities. [...]

Your Lifestyle, Your Children, Your Other Animals and the Miniature Pinscher

Though once used for ridding barns of rats and other vermin, the Miniature Pinscher is now deemed a toy breed and a very reliable companion. Nonetheless, all its character traits are still present and they must now fit in with the new expectations of the modern dog. Nearly everyone wants a dog that is smart, friendly, and perfect with their children and other animals. [...]

How Many Min Pins Does it Take to Chew Up a House?

The Miniature Pinscher is a breed that may be small but has a big need to keep its mind and body as busy as possible. They delight in having fun, being the center of attention, and interacting with their owner. There have been more than a few who have gone into owning a Min Pin with the misguided assumption that little effort will be required for exercise. [...]

How Much Space Will a Min Pin Need?

Some new owners look at the toy breed that is the Miniature Pinscher and assume that keeping such a small dog is nothing but smooth sailing. After all, it is no more than approximately twelve inches high with a slight but healthy structure and a graceful, ginger gait. [...]

The Australian Kelpie Mind and Personality

Delve into the mind of the Australian Kelpie and you will find intelligence and a real devotion to duty. The Kelpie is a very versatile and adaptable dog. They are alert and independent thinkers who will problem solve rapidly. [...]

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Found [343] Articles :: Page 1 of 23
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