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Standard Schnauzers

Aliases: Mittelschnauzer

Standard Schnauzer For Sale

The Mind of a Standard Schnauzer

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Tags: Standard Schnauzer, Behavior, Temperament

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The Standard Schnauzer is a very intelligent dog. He is sometimes dubbed as the dog with the human brain and there are times you may wonder if he actually is part human! This animal is a very independent thinker. He will not stop thinking until he has figured out whatever puzzle or challenge is placed before him. The Standard Schnauzer is to be considered a true problem solver. If he could play the game of chess, he probably would give you a run for your money!

The quick mind of the Standard Schnauzer must be stimulated often. A complacent Standard Schnauzer can be an unruly and disobedient dog. He will have utter chaos and mayhem on his mind. They can and will get into trouble before you know it! The mind of the Standard Schnauzer never rests. It is as if he is planning the next day's activities, today. You must exercise the mind of this animal as much as the rest of his body!

The Standard Schnauzer is strong minded and strong willed. He exerts an "I dare you" attitude. The owner of such an animal must be determined in all aspects of owning and controlling this dog. The Standard Schnauzer owner must take charge of the situation; otherwise you will have a Standard Schnauzer who will think he is the boss of everyone and everything. It will take a very dedicated, patient, firm and controlling handler to gain the respect of this dog. Even after you think you have gained his respect, he will challenge you on occasion to see if the circumstances have changed. If he feels the circumstances have changed, he will reassume his role of boss in the family. You will need to have extreme consistency with this dog. Unless you continually remind him you are in charge, he will take over and it will be extremely difficult to manage him. He will in essence be managing you, instead.

The Standard Schnauzer will put off airs that "I am my own dog". Each Standard Schnauzer can and will have their own mind set and personality. He is to be considered a comedian and will feed off of your reactions to his antics. You are a challenge that he must work out. The Standard Schnauzer is a deep thinker and will try to find a solution if he is presented with a puzzle. It can be amusing to watch him try to solve you. It can become a challenge to keep this dog on his toes and this may take a lot of ingenuity on your part as his owner and handler. It will take great forethought on your part to outsmart the Standard Schnauzer!

The Standard Schnauzer is very dedicated and loyal to those whom he loves. He is protective and will guard you against any dangers he may find. He will guard you and your family to the death without thought or compunction for his own safety. He is a devoted and constant companion and friend. His intelligence transcends time and species.

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The Mind of a Standard Schnauzer
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