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Siberian Huskys

Aliases: Siberian husky, Sibe

Siberian Husky For Sale

Equip Yourself For Outside Siberian Husky Adventures

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Tags: Siberian Husky, Exercise, Playtime

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If there is one thing a Siberian Husky can be almost guaranteed to do, it is run at the first opportunity.

Siberian Huskies are nomads and athletes by nature; they are extremely intelligent, easily bored, and ever-curious. Perfect attributes for a dog that likes to run. And running is what Siberian Huskies do best.

It takes only seconds for a Siberian Husky to see and capitalize on an opportunity for a good run and exploration. And being dogs bred for speed and agility, a Siberian Husky is virtually impossible to catch. To add to the dilemma, Siberian Huskies are not notably obedient dogs and are unlikely to obey your commands to come when called. All of this regardless of the quality or level of training.

Equipping Yourself For Outdoor Husky Life

Any experienced Siberian Husky owner will tell you that it is pointless to expect your husky not to run. And once loose, the potential for disaster is great. Siberian Huskies are not territorial dogs and so do not have a strong homing instinct-they are easily lost. Siberian huskies are very friendly, to everyone they meet and are not especially loyal-they are easily stolen. And of course, Siberian Huskies cannot be expected to know the dangers of the open road, especially if they have been previously confined as they should be-they are easily run over and killed.

Thus, if you expect to have a long and happy life with your Siberian Husky, you must accept that they will run away and go exploring if given the chance. Your job is to never give them that chance. You can do this by equipping yourself and your yard with proper ties and confinements. If you find that cruel you'd best look for another dog.

  • Leashes-leashes, good, strong, leashes, are a must, and your Siberian Husky must always be on one whenever they are let out the door unless they are in an adequately fenced yard or kennel. This includes quick runs to the mailbox or the car.

  • Ties and Runs-you need to have a way to keep your Siberian Husky in the yard when you are not at the opposite end of the leash. Strong dog runs and tie-outs are good options, but you have to make sure they are properly installed and strong enough to hold these pulling dogs. Buy a run or tie that is rated at least for your dog's weight and make sure that a tie cannot be pulled out of the ground. Stake-outs are not good options for Siberian Huskies.

  • Fences-if you want to let your dog run and play in your yard, and you should, you must have the entire play area fenced. The fence must be strong and at least 4 feet high (five or more would be even better). The fence must have a locking gate that remains closed the entire time your Siberian Husky is out to play. Given all of this, you cannot expect a fence to contain your husky when you are not supervising him, and you cannot trust a regular fence to keep your husky at home. Invisible fence systems, shock collars, and wireless fences are out of the question for Siberian Huskies.

  • Kennels-the best bet for your Siberian Husky is a safe and secure kennel where the dog can stay when you are not in your fenced yard with it and when you are gone. This way, your home interior can stay safe from this easily bored pet. The kennel should be made of chain link fence at least 6 feet high and it should have a secure fence or wire cover. Siberians are consummate escape artists, so the kennel should also have a lock. Kennels should either have cement floors, or the fence should be buried 2 feet into the ground so the Siberian husky cannot dig his way out-something else Siberians are famous for.

  • With these safeguards in place and used religiously, the rest of life with your Siberian should be happy and healthy, long, and full of enjoyment.

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    Equip Yourself For Outside Siberian Husky Adventures
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