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Fun Activities to Keep Your Basenji Happy and Active

The intelligent Basenji needs proper mental stimulation just as much as it needs consistent physical activity. A bored or penned up Basenji will most likely turn to destructive behaviors to communicate its frustration. Many dogs have the urge to chew, roam and challenge themselves with fun games. The Basenji is a dog breed more closely related physically and mentally to the wolf, jackal and other wild dogs. Though thoroughly domesticated, they are a breed that needs an owner that can efficiently work with their natural instincts rather than try to curb them. As many come to find, choosing a Basenji means choosing an active lifestyle. [...]

Common Problems with Belgian Tervurens

If you're thinking about adopting a Belgian Tervuren, the first thing to consider is going to be the environment you're taking the dog into. There are a lot of homes that are, quite frankly, just not well suited to this particular breed. Ideally, the dog needs a decent sized home with a big yard to run in and an energetic, healthy family that can give the dog the attention it needs... [...]

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever as a Family Pet

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is usually used as a hunting dog, although they are excellent in the show ring and make even more wonderful family pets. [...]

Determining If A Basset Hound Is The Best Pet For You

There are plenty of things that factor into the decision of what kind of dog to get. Each breed has its own idiosyncrasies that should be taken into account before any decision is made. If you're thinking of a basset hound you should know about how much he eats, the ins and outs of grooming, and how he will fit into your lifestyle. Every individual dog is different but let's look at some trends. [...]

Fun Activities With A Cesky Terrier

Since the Cesky Terrier has such an outstanding personality and temperament and gets along well with kids and other dogs they are an ideal breed for a family that loves to take their pet with them. Unlike many of the terrier breeds the Cesky does not have as high of a prey instinct and is not as prone to chasing or running when off-leash once they are fully obedience trained. This means that the Cesky is a very versatile dog that can enjoy a huge range of activities. [...]

Your Restless Welsh Springer Spaniel

As the owner of a Welsh Springer Spaniel, you should know that most don't reach adulthood until about four years of age. This can be a great thing because you get four full years of cute, adorable puppy that's full of energy! But, it can also mean that you'll have to put up with typical puppy behaviors like separation anxiety and restlessness much longer. The good news is that there's something you can do to stop or redirect the destruction that generally follows these behaviors. It's not that your puppy is punishing you for leaving him home all alone. [...]

What Kinds Of Tricks Can You Teach Your Keeshond?

Many Keeshond owners can teach their little dogs to do some fascinating tricks. Aside from agility training, there are some other tricks a Keeshond can do. What we as humans consider tricks are considered playing by the Keeshond. They have their own sets of tricks as well as the ones you teach them. Because the Keeshond bores easily, you should never make them perform all their tricks at one time, they can decide to give up and sit without listening. Keeshonds are great performers as well as clowns and try to make you happy in every way. [...]

What Does The Keeshond Like To Do?

The Keeshond is mostly fond of being with its family. They do like to play, take walks, sleep, and follow you around. They are great in agility shows as long as they do not pull any little tricks on you and cause an embarrassing scene. Many dog handlers have stories of a perfectly well trained dog upstaging the entire show with a few antics of their own. These are just more stories that attract people to the breed itself. They are clowns at some times and can make you laugh. That is why they are so good for family living. [...]

The Standard Schnauzer as an Athlete

Depending on your climate, Standard Schnauzers are adaptive to both indoor and outdoor living. However, the Standard Schnauzer is a very athletic dog. He must receive lots of exercise and stimulation. He has a keen and sharp mind and high energy level. He must receive exercise regularly. A casual walk around the block won't cut it. They need to walk briskly, not short distance running and need it regularly. A Standard Schnauzer has a natural athletic ability and loves, if not craves to play games and other stimulating activities. They need and love a play session where they can just run freely. If you are currently out of shape, your Standard Schnauzer will help you get back into shape. [...]

Equip Yourself For Outside Siberian Husky Adventures

If there is one thing a Siberian Husky can be almost guaranteed to do, it is run at the first opportunity. Siberian Huskies are nomads and athletes by nature; they are extremely intelligent, easily bored, and ever-curious. Perfect attributes for a dog that likes to run. And running is what Siberian Huskies do best. It takes only seconds for a Siberian Husky to see and capitalize on an opportunity for a good run and exploration. And being dogs bred for speed and agility, a Siberian Husky is virtually impossible to catch. To add to the dilemma, Siberian Huskies are not notably obedient dogs and are unlikely to obey your commands to come when called. All of this regardless of the quality or level of training. [...]

Toys the Black and Tan Coonhound Will Love

The Black and Tan Coonhound is a large breed dog that needs plenty of space to keep it busy. As with any other dog, it also needs plenty of mental stimulation as well. Left to its own devices for long periods of time, the Black and Tan Coonhound is likely to take to howling and chewing to communicate boredom or frustration. With the large jaws of the Coonhound chewing up random objects to ease their anxiety, owners can find themselves staring in the face of a fair amount of damage. Black and Tan Coonhounds that have plenty of strong toys to stimulate their mind during the day are less likely to resort to destructive behaviors. [...]

Toys the Schipperke Will Love

The Schipperke may be small but it possesses a high intelligence. Many owners assume that all they need to do is give their Schipperke plenty of space and attention and all will be well between them. However, a breed as smart as the Schipperke needs an owner who will also make stimulating their dog's intelligence as much a part of their routine as feeding. Without much devotion to this, the Schipperke is likely to become frustrated; communicating their anxiety through relentless barking and destructive chewing. This can be avoided with not only daily sessions of play but with fun and innovative dog toys. A dog that has plenty of toys to keep him or her busy during the day is not likely to bother chewing household items. [...]

Keeping your Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Healthy

When you own a pedigree dog like a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, you may think that you will need special food and regimens to keep your pet healthy. In reality, although a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a rare type of pure breed dog, it does not require any more care or attention than other dog breeds. You will need to pay close attention to the quirks of this breed of dog though, since health does not only cover physical health but also emotional and mental health. [...]

Knowing how to play with a Smooth Fox Terrier

Because the smooth fox terrier is a dog that requires a lot of attention due to its active nature, you will want to be sure that you will have the time to spend with the smooth fox terrier as they can become aggressive and display inappropriate behavior. One way of ensuring your smooth fox terrier will receive the right attention it needs is by playing with it, especially if it is a puppy. From a young age the smooth fox terrier is a very lively, active dog that will always have the energy and the drive to play for extended amounts of time, whether it is with you or with another dog. That is why it is important that you prepare yourself by reading and studying about the smooth fox terrier if you want the best relationship between your smooth fox terrier and your family. [...]

What a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Needs to be Happy

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an intelligent breed that simply lacks the proper amount of fear. That is to say, they are open to just about anything and welcome the chance to explore their surroundings at any time. The Staffie is one that not only appreciates but craves variety and will get bored doing the same old thing over and over. This can lead to the common destructive canine behaviors such as barking or chewing. As many owners have come to find, when the Staffie gets bored he or she will not hesitate to step out on their own and entertain themselves. This is often what gets the lovable breed in trouble. [...]

Found [22] Articles :: Page 1 of 2
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