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Why Choose an American Bulldog for a Pet?

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Tags: American Bulldog, Grooming, Behavior

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French Bulldog

When people consider getting a dog as a pet, they often decide on the kind of breed they want based on a few factors that have to do with what they want a pet to be like. There are people who opt for smaller toy dogs simply because they seem to be less of a hassle to take care of and maintain as compared to the bigger breeds of dogs. There are also people who choose the bigger breeds of dogs simply because they want a dog that can offer them a bit of protection and bigger dogs are often feared for their size. The reasons why a person should choose an American bulldog for a pet can range from the simple to the more outrageous, but suffice to say a lot of people have chosen this dog breed over others for a lot of pretty good reasons.

Low Maintenance

When you talk about low maintenance for a dog, this can usually mean the grooming side and the exercising and feeding side. American bulldogs are pretty much low maintenance when it comes to bathing and keeping their coats clean. Since these dogs have rather short hairs on their coats, they are pretty easy to bathe and often require a bath only once every month or so. The coat also needs a good brushing with a soft bristled brush only once a day since American bulldogs have short hairs that rarely shed. Feeding bulldogs is also not that big a hassle since you only need to feed them the usual food that dogs need. There are a lot of these dog foods that carry a balanced proportion of the nutrients that your bulldog may need and finding them is only a matter of reading these dog food labels. Exercise for this breed is also a simple walk around the block since they do tire easily with their rather hefty frame as well as their rather small trachea that makes it hard for them to breathe if they exert too much effort.

Disposition and Temperament

American bulldogs are often mistaken for their more aggressive cousins, the pit-bull. This has led to the rather skewed notion that bull dogs are attack dogs or are very aggressive animals. Bulldogs are actually pretty friendly to the people they are accustomed to and are actually very loyal pets that do protect their owners and their owners' families should there be a need to. These dogs are considered ideal pets for families and are pretty good with children and the elderly due to the patience that most of the dogs in this breed inherently have. A stable and balanced temperament that is exhibited in friendliness, loyalty, fearlessness, and protectiveness is what makes the American bulldog a very good choice when it comes to choosing a pet for yourself, for someone special, or for your family.

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Why Choose an American Bulldog for a Pet?
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