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Affenpinschers are not the best choice for small children

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davie, FL


Affenpinschers are adorable, small dogs and it would be tempting to introduce one into your family as a pet for your young children. Unfortunately, these dogs are not a wise choice for the youngest of family members. In this article, we'll look at a few reasons why the Affenpinscher is not suitable for families with very small children.

Like all toy dogs, Affenpinschers are very fragile. They are so small that there is a great danger of them getting underfoot or could be hidden, curled in a small ball under a blanket. Small children are, through no fault of their own, not the most agile creatures and may accidentally injure an Affenpinscher buy stepping on it, squeezing it too hard, or even dropping it. They also might cause damage by playing with the dog a little too roughly, not to mention that rough play may end up with the child getting bitten out of defense.

Another reason Affenpinschers may not be a good choice for families with small children is that they can be very sensitive to noise. Even adult Affenpinschers can feel overwhelmed by the quick movements and excitement of small children at play, which could leave the small dog nervous and defensive. Affenpinschers tend to be high-strung little animals and prefer a calm environment, often reduced to trembling when they are excited or nervous, and could lash out at those that are disturbing its peace.

Affenpinschers tend to be very territorial, especially when it comes to their food and their toys. While it's true that a lot of this behavior can be removed with careful training, small children will not always understand the warning signs a dog will give when he feels threatened and is ready to bite to show his displeasure. Although curious children who don't mean any harm may find it tempting to pet their dog when they're eating, this can be dangerous because the dog might feel that there is a threat that his food is going to be taken away. The same goes with his toys - a child may be tempted to try to snatch away a toy that a dog is playing with, which could result in a bite.

Finally, Affenpinschers are a classic example of small dogs thinking they are bigger than they really are. They are fiercely loyal to their families and suspicious of strangers. Therefore, they might present a danger to your little ones' friends when they come over to visit. They won't be afraid to attack another child if they perceive that a member of "their" family is being attacked, even if the children are only engaging in innocent play.

The truth is, not every dog will exhibit these characteristics, and through strict discipline training, many of these behaviors can be trained out. Still, every parent should think very seriously about whether a particular dog will be suitable for their family before making a purchase. Affenpinschers are wonderful pets with entertaining temperaments, but parents will want to take these warnings into consideration before bringing one home to their small children.

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Affenpinschers are not the best choice for small children
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