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Affenpinschers are not the best choice for small children

Affenpinschers are adorable, small dogs and it would be tempting to introduce one into your family as a pet for your young children. Unfortunately, these dogs are not a wise choice for the youngest of family members. In this article, we'll look at a few reasons why the Affenpinscher is not suitable for families with very small children. [...]

Say goodbye to dog hair allergies with Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers

There is nothing worse than purchasing a new family pet, just to learn that someone in your home is allergic to the animal and you must take it back to the breeder. This is much less likely to happen with a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier because they have hair, rather than the fur coats of most dogs. [...]

Bullmastiffs and Lawsuits

Every year more lawsuits are initiated against large and giant breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and the Bullmastiffs. Many of these lawsuits are against the dog because of a dog bite or attack on a person, or something similar. In other cases, there is some little infraction that would have gone unnoticed had it involved a smaller and less notorious breed of dog. [...]

Buying A Pit Bull Check Local Laws & Insurances First

American Pit Bull Terriers are a breed that is met with controversy at nearly every turn. As a result, Pit Bulls have become the subject of numerous bans and insurance restrictions. Hence, owning a Pit Bull, regardless of your opinion of the breed overall, is not a simple matter of imposing your will to buy one; it may just be that you have to go much farther than locating an American Pit Bull Terrier pup. [...]

Oh Those Pretty Baby Blues

Many breeds of dogs have brown, hazel or even yellow eyes, but there are also some breeds that are more prone to blue eyes, commonly referred to as glass eyes. The breeds most commonly associated with glass eyes include Australian Shepherds, Blue Heelers, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs, Catahoulas, Siberian Huskies, Corgies, Dachshunds and Shetland Sheepdogs. Any other dog breed could potentially have a blue eye or glass eye, but in many breeds the rare blue color is considered a disqualification in the show ring, but does not mean that the dog cannot be registered. Glass eyes do not indicate damage to the eye and there is no indication that the dog is not able to see equally well through any colored eye, despite many myths to the contrary. There is no breed standard that only allows for blue eyes, but it is favored in many of the breeds by breeders looking for flash in their breeding line. [...]

The Schipperke and the Art of Escape

The stature of the petite sized Schipperke often belies the vast intelligence contained inside the little dog. Many owners do not realize the extent of their dog's tenacity until they are being given a run for their money. Unbeknownst to many, the Schipperke ranks in the top twenty of the world's smartest dogs. They are extremely versatile and love to put their intelligence to the test in any way they can. They are daring, brave and bold and rarely hesitate to move on even the most precarious of situations. Owners who put their Schipperke off for too long or too often will experience the perils of not keeping the dog breed busy. The Schipperke is one that does not wait for others and it certainly won't hesitate to entertain itself. [...]

Devilishly Delightful names for the Schipperke

Often referred to as the Devil Dog because of their pointed ears and the mischievous gleam in their eye, the sweet but impish natured Schipperke often earns it nickname. The breed is highly intelligent and owners often marvel at the dog's ability to get in the middle of the most mind boggling of situations. Yet, even if a Schipperke raises the eyebrows or the voice of their owner, the breed is endearing and magnetic, with a charm that never allows owners to stay upset for any length of time. However, many owners do find it apt to give their dog a name that humorously describes their dog's personality. [...]

Differences between the Norfolk and other breeds

Supposing you've decided to adopt a new dog, and furthermore, you've perhaps settled on adopting a terrier, the next question will probably be; which terrier is right for me? The various breeds of terrier all have common characteristics as well as a wide variety of traits and features that make them unique from one another. For this reason, the decision of exactly which breed of terrier to adopt is not one to be made hastily. Being the smallest working breed of terrier, the Norfolk might just be the best choice for small apartment owners, however, a small apartment shouldn't default the decision to Norfolk, either. As said before, the decision has to be made carefully. Although, if after reading this, the potential future terrier owner is still set on a Norfolk, they should be advised that the Norwich terrier shares an almost identical definition save for the minor difference of their ears standing erect. [...]

Publications and Clubs relevant to the Puli

The Puli lover may find their favorite breed, being a little on the obscure side, neglected in popular magazines and best-selling dog books. Luckily, there is support for the breed in the form of various local clubs (depending on the reader's area) and books. Below is a brief list of available Puli books and their descriptions. Regretfully there is little information at the ready regarding any available monthly publications or national clubs focusing specifically on the Puli. Even with the unfortunate scarcity of Puli clubs and publications, hopefully the reader will have found something that fits their needs by the end of this article. [...]

Beagles and the Horrors of Animal Testing

Beagles are one of the most popular dogs in American society today and they've enjoyed that popularity for quite some time. They are happy-go-lucky dogs, always wagging their tails, ready to make friends with whoever they meet. Proper breeding ensures the almost total lack of aggression in the Beagle breed and the easygoing nature that allows them to be great around kids who will jump on them and pull on their ears and tail. [...]

Sleeping Patterns of the West Highland White Terrier

Like many breeds, West Highland Terriers need more sleep than humans in order to stay healthy. These energetic little dogs need upwards of thirteen hours of sleep over a period of twenty-four hours to get sufficient rest. Westies will easily conform to the sleeping habits of their family, often getting the bulk of their rest at night at the same time as their human families, in addition to several naps during the day. In this article, we'll take a look at how new Westie owners can train their dogs to learn good sleeping habits and what to do if you suspect your Westie is sleeping too much. [...]

The Different Types of Manchester Terrier

One thing that many people are not aware of when purchasing a Manchester terrier is that there are different types of them. When in fact, many people believe that there is only one type; and that is just a Manchester terrier. [...]

Is the American Staffordshire Terrier an Aggressive Dog?

Not many breeds have to deal with the stigma that surrounds the American Staffordshire Terrier. These dogs are put into a vague category called pit bull dogs and stories abound of their extremely aggressive behavior. As with many stories, however, it seems as if the media is involved in hyping up the Amstaffs aggressive tendencies based on a few isolated instances that were the result of very poor dog ownership practices. But is the Amstaff really that aggressive? [...]

The Briard's Dew Claws

The Briard's dew claws are one of those aspects of these dogs that breeders and judges at dog shows often are in disagreement over. By the Briard's standards, the dogs should have dew claws on its forelegs. But, these can be removed or they may be left where they are, it is up to the owner or the breeder to make that decision. In some cases, Briard's are born with two sets of dew claws on their hind legs. If you are a breeder, or a Briard owner, should you have them removed? And, should you be overly concerned about them at all? [...]

Creative Names for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

While naming a Staffordshire Bull Terrier can be one of the most creative experiences, it is also one of the most personal. The majority of owners want a good name that not only rolls off the tongue but captures their Staffie's character. While this can mean opting for a truly inventive moniker, others may opt to stick to more traditional roots. Owners should remember that the name they give to their beloved canine companion says as much about them as it does their dog. [...]

Found [29] Articles :: Page 1 of 2
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