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Why Your Dog Acts That Way

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Tags: Kuvasz, Socialization

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Marathon, NY

Boston Terrier

The Kuvasz is a dog that was originally used in Hungary as a bodyguard. Eventually, they were used to guard livestock. As such, a livestock guardian typically has a protective nature towards its flock, which can become quickly aggressive against perceived threats. It has an independent disposition that allowed it to make decisions on its own when it was out in the wild with the livestock. The intelligence of most dogs bred for guarding or herding sheep is typically very good, which can lead to some manipulative ploys as the dog tests its owner for dominance.

The dog is very serious in its role as a guardian as it gets older, but as a younger pup it may appear somewhat clownish. It is very rambunctious but needs to be restrained from too much exercise and horseplay so that its soft bones don't get damaged as they are growing. A guard dog like the Kuvasz will have a natural suspiciousness towards strangers and needs extra socialization and obedience training for it to be brought into the household as a pet instead.

This large dog has often been compared to a white bear. While the thought of a white bear may appear cuddly, the dog will only be friendly with those of its own household without proper socialization and training. This dog is also known to be somewhat obstinate. It will continually test its owner even after obedience training is complete. If you are not comfortable with having a firm and consistent manner with this dog, it is probably not the right dog for you. The dog needs a lot of discipline.

The dog will bark at just about anything that crosses its territory. This is normal behavior for a guard dog, but it may annoy the neighbors. It has a loud, booming bark that carries and while an excellent guard dog at night, it can be difficult for people in the city areas.

This dog breed really does prefer to be guarding livestock, instead of being a household pet. That doesn't mean you can't have one, but you have to keep it busy or it will get bored. A bored Kuvasz is a destructive Kuvasz. Try to find some role for it to fulfill its natural instinct to be in charge of something. While some people decide to put them in charge of their children in the household, this can create problems if the dog becomes too protective of its charges. It may not be able to tell when other neighborhood children are horse playing with your children, and can become threatening or aggressive. The dog also is aggressive with other dogs. They really don't like cats, even if they are part of your household.

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Why Your Dog Acts That Way
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