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Finnish Spitzs

Aliases: Suomenpystykorva, Finsk Spets, Loulou Finnoi

Finnish Spitz For Sale

Things you didn't know about the Finnish Spitz!

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Tags: Finnish Spitz, Hunting Dog, Behavior, Service Dogs

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The Finnish Spitz is one of the oldest known breeds and enjoys a long legacy across centuries. Along with its proud lineage, these dogs also possess certain unique characteristics and are known for some of the most interesting facts associated to their history and development.

In this section, we've briefly listed the main amongst such facts and features.

The Finnish Dog

The Finnish Spitz is officially the national dog of Finland. Due to its characteristic of being a good alarm dog, this breed is also known as the "barking bird dog" of Finland.

Name Wonder!

It is also interesting to know that Finnish Spitz is known by a series of other names, all in different languages.

Here we list some of the other common names of the breed:

  • Suomen Pystykorva

  • Finsk Spets

  • Spitz Finnico

  • Spitz Finlandes

  • Finse Spits

  • Finnenspitz

  • Love for digging

    The Finnish Spitz breed of dog is extremely fond of digging into surfaces they find soft and tempting. This holds mostly true for household gardens and flowerbeds. Owners who are fond of their precious plantations must take the Finnish Spitz puppy to a groomer and have their nails cut at least once a month.

    It also helps to provide these dogs with a kiddie wading pool with water and toys in it.

    Boredom bark

    The Finnish Spitz is known to have a busy and alert mind and needs to be kept occupied at all times. They need constant and constructive mental stimulation in order to be well behaved at all times.

    Quite a few owners have reported that when this doesn't seem to happen, the Finnish Spitz can often get highly bored and indulge in what can be called as the "boredom bark".

    The Scowl

    The Finnish Spitz has a distinct expression of its own. The darker markings on the muzzle and forehead give an impression as if this dog has a permanent and intentional scowl on the face.

    Though it really looks as if the dog is upset or angry, it is actually not a fault and the expression is mostly natural.

    Cooler Environment

    In spite of being quite an adjustable dog, the Finnish Spitz nevertheless has a definite penchant for a cooler environment. They prefer to be in moderately cool surroundings and will generally dislike being in warmer areas for extended periods of time.

    The Novel Hunter

    The Finnish Spitz has its own unique way of hunting and also being a hunter's guide. These dogs generally begin by ranging ahead of the hunter until it finds its quarry and follow it until the bird settles in a tree. Using backward and forward movements, the dog then distracts the prey's attention, helping the hunter move closer to the bird.

    Following this, it again stops barking if the bird flies off and adopts the same method until it settles down again.

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    Things you didn't know about the Finnish Spitz!
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