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When an Australian Cattle Dog is the Right Breed and When It Isn't

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Tags: Australian Cattle Dog, Lifestyle, Grooming, Behavior, Obedience

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When it comes to dog owners, it is said that like attracts like and that people with certain character traits will choose dogs that share their own. Many who choose the Australian Cattle Dog mostly appreciate the breed's supreme loyalty and overall confidence. Those wanting a dependable activity partner or traveling companion will have found their match in the Australian Cattle Dog. There are no worries of the Cattle Dog taking off with the first friendly hand that comes by; though they are not an aggressive breed they are guard dogs at heart who protect what they see as their own domain. This includes all the people, children and other animals that may come with it.

Those who prefer life in front of the TV or plan to travel extensively and leave their Cattle Dog at home should probably opt for another breed or reconsider dog ownership at all. The Australian Cattle Dog depends on daily contact with its owner to stay healthy. They dislike being isolated immensely and are likely to resort to negative and destructive behaviors to communicate their frustration. The breed was developed to have an awesome stamina and dart in, out and around herds of cattle. They are hardly a lap dog and require an owner that enjoys being active as much as they do.

The Cattle Dog also needs an owner who knows how to deal with the breed's tendency to be stubborn, yet do so without heavy handed or harsh tactics. The highly intelligent Australian Cattle Dog has a good sense of self and is not one that takes well to cruel reprimands and punishments. In order to bond with the Cattle Dog trust will need to be earned and the consistent use of unkind acts only guarantees a troubled relationship. Knowing how to set firm boundaries while respecting the dog's limits is more likely to have an owner and his or her Cattle dog living in harmony for many years to come.

As far as grooming goes, the Cattle Dog is also a low maintenance dog. They are extremely healthy and only have two heavy shedding periods per year. Owners can opt to have their dog's coat blown by a groomer or choose to do it themselves. Activity often keeps the Cattle Dog's nails filed down naturally, requiring less in the way of nail trimming sessions. Because they were developed for herding, there are natural tendencies that will always need to be worked with in this breed. Placing a Cattle Dog in obedience training at an early age will help teach both owner and dog how to work with the inherent desire to herd other animals and people without nipping. The sooner this is done the better.

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When an Australian Cattle Dog is the Right Breed and When It Isn't
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