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Aliases: Kooiker, Kooiker Dog, Kooiker Hound, Dutch Decoy Dog

Kooikerhondje For Sale

How do Kooikerhondje Mix with Other Dogs, Pets and Children?

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Tags: Kooikerhondje, Behavior

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Before you get a dog, you need to ask yourself how this new addition will get along with the other members of your family. The main concerns usually center on other dogs, pets, and children. The Kooikerhondje breed is first known as a hunting dog but how will it interact with all the members of your family? This article will take a look at some of the factors involved and how well a Kooikerhondje might fit into your home.

Dogs don't always get along. While a lot can be said for upbringing, some breeds of dog have a tendency toward certain personality characteristics which may lend themselves to a harmonious environment or to complete chaos. The Kooikerhondje breed is known for its intelligence, its sensitivity, and its territorial nature. Basically, they can get along fine with other dogs as long as they are introduced to each other at an early age. Kooikerhondjes are not friendly with strangers and can be quite territorial. By bringing them into the situation when they are still young they can be groomed to fit in well. For people as well as pets, as long as the Kooikerhondje knows the other party then there shouldn't be any problems. They are able to bond well with familiar faces, and this bond can last for a lifetime. So we've discovered that Kooikerhondjes can get along with other pets if they are young enough in most cases. Let's now take a look at how they might interact with children in the home.

There are always concerns when you bring an animal into the house when children live there. Will the pet be able to interact in a positive way with the child? As stated previously, Kooikerhondjes form bonds with familiar family members which help them to get along well. On the other hand, Kooikerhondjes have a sensitive nature that may not be conducive to a harmonious environment if the child is too young to know how to play with the dog appropriately. Knowing this ahead of time, you can make sure that you don't leave a child alone who may not know how to play nice with a dog. Fortunately, Kooikerhondjes are highly intelligent and, therefore, quite trainable which can help to alleviate some of your fears. These are a few more details that must be kept in mind when you think about bringing a Kooikerhondje into an already full house.

The more the merrier may take some thought when it refers to a new dog, but it can still hold true. While you have to put some thought into how a Kooikerhondje will react with the other dogs, pets, and children in your home, he can be one more blessing in your life. A little bit of planning and it will be easy and rewarding to have one more little one around the house.

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How do Kooikerhondje Mix with Other Dogs, Pets and Children?
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