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Akita and Children

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Tags: Akitas, Family Breeds, Grooming, Socialization

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Old English Sheepdog

Most Akita dogs are rather laid-back with very docile temperament. If an Akita undergoes a considerable period of socialization among other animals such as cats and horses at an early age, it will most probably make a great companion for children.

This breed of dog is also known for its complacent and quiet attitude. It hardly succumbs to excessive barking or restless movements. This dog is also very patient, and can tolerate long periods of children's rough play, although the dog itself does not engage in it. It is an ideal household pet, especially if the children concerned are rather young and cannot put up with an energetic and perpetually roving dynamo like a Jack Russell Terrier or a Chihuahua.

Properly trained, the Akita can also be very outgoing and friendly. Some of them are trained to be therapy dogs, and they visit sick children in hospitals and care centers. They are especially wonderful with children suffering from behavioral problems. It is often said that the dog makes children feel at ease immediately. Its placid nature helps calm down its companions' anxiety and stress. The fact that this dog has a solid build also helps its therapeutic work; children can pet and hug the animal as much as they want without having to worry about crushing it with too much affection.

If you are hoping to adopt an Akita for your home, you might be glad to know that this breed is very easy to house break. Some Akita owners even claimed that their pets were house broken within a span of a few weeks.

It is an intelligent dog and not really prone to explore beyond its normal "range." It is content to stay indoors most of the time, but will be willing enough to go outside and play with its human companions. Another bonus is the fact that this breed of dog stays relatively clean-looking and odorless for a long while. Of course, everyday grooming and regular baths are needed to maintain the dog's health. It is the Akita's tendency to stay indoors and keep its nose out of trouble that helps it maintain that clean look.

Over the years, an Akita pet is known to develop an affinity with its children companion. It becomes extremely devoted and very gentle when it comes to their interaction. This strong emotional bond is further enhanced, especially if both human and dog are growing up together. Although accidents and other undesirable events happen, the dog is not known to attack its human companions even under great strain. An untrained Akita, however, is an altogether different subject.

The one drawback to the Akita as a household pet is its naturally possessive nature. If not trained properly, the Akita can show untoward aggression to unfamiliar people and may even chase after other animals. Considering the size of some subspecies of Akita, this may be a frightening thing.

That is primarily why a dog like this should be trained to "socialize" in its earliest age. Early exposure to children is highly recommended. The Akita that grows up without prior experience with children may not readily accept them. Fear biting is a natural but dangerous response of an untrained Akita.

Children must also be trained to handle an Akita dog. Most of us think that because they are children, they cannot possibly harm the family pet. Accidents can happen, and children can inadvertently inflict damage; a bit of guidance is all that is needed.

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Akita and Children
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