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Aliases: Great Japanese, Akita Inu, Akita Ken

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Akita,The Largest Japanese Dog Breed

Akita Inu or Akita Ken is the largest breed of dogs that originate from Japan. All Japanese native dog breeds are classified under the spitz type. They all carry the same conformations of a typical Akita, which are the wedge-shaped heads, the bear-like face, the inverted triangular eyes, the box-like bodies, and the tail that curls tightly over the back. [...]

Akita: Weird Facts Did You Know?

People's fascination with the Akita has survived the ages. Even during their earliest existence, Akitas are known for their docile outlook in life, their unwavering loyalty, and their fierce protectiveness towards their human companions. Here are some of the stranger facts about this exotic dog breed. [...]

Akita and Children

Most Akita dogs are rather laid-back with very docile temperament. If an Akita undergoes a considerable period of socialization among other animals such as cats and horses at an early age, it will most probably make a great companion for children. [...]

Akita Rescue and Adoption

Acquiring an Akita can be something you need to contemplate about. Would you want to raise an Akita from puppyhood? Or would you rather adopt an older Akita, one that has been rescued and placed at the local shelters? Can you really handle taking care of an Akita at all? [...]

Akita's Diet

One of the primary concerns with taking care of purebreds is their specific dietary needs. This is especially true with the Akita. Generic and branded dog food will not provide your dog's essential nutrition. It may even raise health concerns like gastric torsion or bloating. [...]

Owning an Akita Puppy

Not all purebred Akita puppies are put up for adoption or for sale. If you are seriously considering adopting one from the few that are offered to the public, you must first check the quality of the Akita puppy you propose to get. [...]

Taking Care of an Akita

An Akita Inu is a perfect household pet, especially if you have young children in the house. Since ancient times, this breed of dog has shown alertness, devotion, fearlessness, loyalty and intelligence. A properly trained Akita also seems to fall back on its tranquil nature; it is often said that the dog is undeniably tolerant and patient with its human companions. [...]

The Difference between the Japanese Akita and the American Akita

Usually, when people group Akitas together, there is no distinction between the Japanese Akita and American Akita. In the States and in parts of Canada, an Akita may originate in Japan or not. In Japan, however, any dog that is mixed outside the gene pool of the traditional Akita bloodline is not considered "pure," and it is usually classified differently. [...]

The Making of a Champion Akita

Everyone is saying that your pet Akita could win any dog show competition just by the way it looks, and you are thinking, "Well, why not?" [...]

Training an Akita

Training an Akita entails a lot of patience and hard work, but the pay-off can be great. Akitas can become possessive, territorial and even destructive when not properly trained. It is an intelligent breed of dog which is usually known to be docile and non-aggressive. These traits can be achieved through proper training, early lessons in socialization and a lot of mental stimulation. [...]

The Japanese Chin and Other Breed Types

The Japanese Chin is a small breed of dog that is said to have originated in China and then found its way to Japan. In Japan, it became a thing of royalty, often given as royal gifts to diplomats or important people that did good deeds for Japan. While we have heard about the Japanese Chin for years, Japan actually has two different breeds of dog. One type is the Chin, which the one is considered royalty and descendants from the Chin that came from Chinese aristocracy. The other type is Inu, which is a more common type of working dog. [...]

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