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Toy Poodles

Aliases: Tea Cup poodle

Toy Poodle For Sale

Best Uses For A Toy Poodle

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Tags: Toy Poodle, Show, Therapy Dogs

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It seems as though everyone has pets these days, but why? What exactly are the best reasons for having a pet? That is, what can they be used for? Toy poodles can be used both as competitors in dog shows and as loving companions. This article will explore both uses.

Toy Poodles in Dog Shows

The first and one of the most obvious uses of a toy poodle is that of a competitor in a dog show. Given their naturally high intelligence, this breed takes to training very well. Bred down from regular poodles, all members of this breed possess many skills. Throughout time, poodles have been used in many capacities. They have been therapy dogs, performed with the circus, pulled carts, and carried out almost any other task given to them. This versatility allows them to learn whatever is necessary to not only compete but excel as show dogs. The fact that they take to training is only half the benefit. The other half is that they tend to learn so quickly. They require much less time to train than any of the more stubborn breeds and, with training, can do almost anything. Their inherent air of dignity seals the deal. In addition, they are calm and steady competitors. This helps in all types of competitions. They do well in agility, field trials, obedience, and any competing in the show ring. The toy poodle was clearly born for this type of training and competition.

Toy Poodles As Companions

Toy poodles make excellent companions. As already mentioned, they are easy to train which helps with toilet training and house training. Eager to please and whimsical, toy poodles bring a lighthearted presence into any household. Their sensitive and calm nature keeps them from being a disruptive presence, even a small one. Also, they are a very social breed and get along very well with children. Because of this toy poodles make ideal family pets. They are not ideal for families with small children but otherwise are a perfect addition. They are quite loyal as they bond with their owners. Amusing and entertaining, they enjoy receiving a lot of attention from their owners. They do not require a lot of exercise so they are a good match with owners who may lead lifestyles that are a little less active. Plus, toy poodles are just adorable.

There may be many reasons for taking in any breed of dog, but exploring their uses helps us to understand why having pets is such a pervasive characteristic of life in modern society. Toy poodles can be used as highly skilled show dogs and as ideal family companions. With a little training, they could probably do a whole lot more.

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Best Uses For A Toy Poodle
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