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Preparing a Yorkshire Terrier for Show

Yorkshire terriers have a beautiful, long, luxurious, shiny coat and a tied up topknot with a bow, which keeps the hair out of their eyes. Before you start preparing your Yorkshire terrier for show be sure to have all the necessary supplies on hand before you start, such as shampoo, conditioner, scissors, clippers, nail clippers, a pin brush, metal comb, and towels. It is not only annoying but also time consuming to run back and forth for the needed items. [...]

Showing Afghan Hounds

If you are the owner of an Afghan hound you already know what beautiful and aristocratic animals that they are. It's no surprise that many of those who adopt these dogs choose to enter them in dog shows. Before you decide to take that step, however, there are a few things that you should be aware of. [...]

The Airedale Terrier As a Show Dog

In addition to its other roles of working dog, playmate, hunting dog and watchdog, the Airedale Terrier also makes a great show dog. They have come a long way since the days when they were bred just to hunt otters. [...]

Airedale Terriers , Weird Facts, Did you Know?

Airedale Terriers have been around for many years. We've known them in the role of hunting dog, show dog, watchdog and family pet. There are many facts about the Airedale Terrier that many people are not aware of. [...]

Is a Wheaten Terrier a good show dog?

Believe it or not, most show dogs are not purebred animals. In fact, show dogs are judged on many other characteristics, such as presentation, quality of their coat, a proper gait, attention to instructions and much more. Nevertheless, the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier must display the most pleasing characteristics of its bread, such as a soft, silk-like and wavy wheat-colored coat with perhaps some darker colorings on its ears or muzzle. The animal must carry itself as a proud member of its breed, which should be easy for any well cared for, groomed and healthy Wheaten. [...]

Shiba Inu as a Show Dog

There are several key aspects to what goes into the judging of a Shiba Inu. A general rule of thumb for those pet owners wanting to enter into their dog in a dog show is to not place collars on the dog as it will leave an unwanted imprint circling the neck. Because it is native to Japan, the Shiba Inu is judged according to the Japanese official set of rules. [...]

The Making of a Champion Akita

Everyone is saying that your pet Akita could win any dog show competition just by the way it looks, and you are thinking, "Well, why not?" [...]

Showing Your Sheltie

Purebred shelties make excellent show dogs. They are intelligent and beautiful and usually enjoy the experience of being in the show ring. If you're interested in turning your sheltie into a show dog, here are some tips to get you started. Your dog must be registered - In order to compete in AKC competition, your dog must be registered with the AKC. Both his sire and his dam must be registered and his litter must be registered. It is your breeder's responsibility to register the litter; you will need to register your own puppy. [...]

Showing a Scottish Terrier

If you're planning to present your Scottish Terrier for competition in a dog show, there are many things that you'll need to be aware of. Even though you may think that your Scottie is the cutest thing in the world (and he might very well be), the people judging the show are going to be using much different criteria to make their decisions, some of which the average person would definitely tend to overlook. [...]

The Pekingese in the Show Ring

The Pekingese is a very beautiful little dog that is used as a pet, companion, and a great show dog. The Pekingese has won many championship titles in a variety of different categories and shows. Although many owners purchase their Pekingese for a pet, they eventually work him into becoming a show dog as well. When the Pekingese Organization first began, the breed was divided into two groups depending on their weight, with one being under 10 pounds and the other over 10 pounds. There were many problems with these restrictions and regulations until the Kennel Club stepped in and decided there should only be one breed. [...]

Showing Your Australian Terrier

If you own an Australian terrier and are interested in showing him, your dog must meet many personality and show standards. Many reputable breeders and handlers are happy to help you by evaluating your pet to find out if he has the standards necessary for show possibilities. There are also books and information available from dog breeders, the library, on the internet, and from Australian terrier clubs. To show your Australian terrier, he must meet the American Kennel Club breed standard. [...]

Miniature Schnauzers as Show Dogs

Miniature Schnauzers are a small breed of dog, and they make excellent show dogs. They are a dog that requires a lot of attention or affection or they get depressed, which affects their performance and behavior. They have a lot of energy and require an outlet to release some of this energy. [...]

Miniature Schnauzers, Docked or Undocked Ears

Miniature Schnauzers have cute little ears and many owners aren't concerned if they are cropped or uncropped. In the United States, they are cropped with the purpose, besides appearance, to make them stand upright. [...]

The Australian Cattle Dog in the Show Ring

When the Australian Cattle Dog was developed in the mid 1800's, it is doubtful that any thought was given towards the breed someday winning Best of Show. The standard for the Australian Cattle Dog was not truly set forth until 1903. Since then, minor adjustments have been made to the standard over time. It took until 1980 for the breed to be fully recognized and eligible for competitions in the American Kennel Club and other organizations. [...]

Is Your Maltese Dog Show Material?

People get a Maltese for a pet for so many different reasons. Getting a Maltese simply as a pet for your home is one of the easiest and most common reasons people have for getting this breed of dog; however there are people who purchase or adopt a Maltese for reasons that go beyond simple companionship. There are dog owners out there who take pride in showing off their Maltese dogs and their long glossy coats of hair. The dogs that are seen competing in dog shows are often those dogs that are well disciplined and impeccably groomed. If you have a Maltese that you think can do well in the world of dog shows, you should try to determine whether or not he or she is ready or fit for it. [...]

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Found [197] Articles :: Page 1 of 14
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