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How Does a Bloodhound Get Along With Other Animals and Children

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Tags: Bloodhound, Behavior

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Bloodhounds are a large dog that typically show aggression only when they are not allowed to finish something they are doing such as tracking. For the most part a Bloodhound is a gentle beast that loves and lives comfortably with children and other animals. Since they are so large, you need to keep an eye on them when they are around children and animals since they could get a little over zealous at times. They do have a playful side, which makes them fit in well with families who have children and other animals.

Other Animals

Even though they have a good reputation for getting along with other animals, you still need to do introductions and make sure the other animal will tolerate them as well. Just because the Bloodhound likes other animals does not mean anything. If you have another dog and you bring home a puppy, even the best dog that is gentle as can be may have dominating issues with a new member of the family or a visitor. They can live with just about any type of animal as long as they are introduced slowly. Never rush what nature tells each animal. They will touch and accept at their own pace.

Getting Along With Children

Bloodhounds do get along with children, you just have to be careful with their size and the child's size. Not all dogs know their own strength and become a little over zealous when playing. If you bring a puppy into a home when there are little children around, the Bloodhound will learn to be gentle with a little help from the owner. In addition, children need to know what they can do to the dog and what they cannot do. A child should never be allowed to tease any dog. Even a mild mannered dog can get mad if teased.

Overall Interaction

Children, other animals, and Bloodhounds can live together and be very happy. If you have an older Bloodhound, you need to use a little more caution when introducing to other members of the household. They can become a little overwhelmed and show some attitude towards the new acquaintances. Take things slow and never allow new acquaintances to be alone together until they are completely secure with each other. This is true with any breed not just the Bloodhound.

Small children and dogs can get along, you just need to explain to them about dog food and water dishes. Some dogs are serious about people leaving their food and water alone and can become protective of their food from children and other animals. This might be in the form of growling or snapping when they feel a threat is near.

You can work to correct this problem, but an older dog may take longer than a puppy would. It all depends on the dog. If you properly train a dog, they will live together just fine with children and other animals. Training and temperament of the dog has a lot to do with this.

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How Does a Bloodhound Get Along With Other Animals and Children
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