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Toy Manchester Terriers

Aliases: English Toy Terrier

Toy Manchester Terrier For Sale

Psych Profile of the Toy Manchester Terrier

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Tags: Toy Manchester Terrier, Family Breeds, Behavior

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Yorkshire Terrier

A Toy Manchester Terrier is not a dog that will sit idly by enjoying the presence of his human. Rather, this Manchester has a mind of its own and likes to exercise it regularly. They are intelligent and a bit high strung and while obedience training can curb some of that, you can still expect some of that excessive kinetic energy to shine through.

There are a lot of adjectives used to describe the Toy Manchester Terrier such as stubborn, feisty, tenacious, independent, bossy and active. Many of them have a vibrant disposition which takes a special owner to appreciate as they do not quite fit the stereotype of "man's best friend." While they are devoted to their families, they show this devotion in excited ways.

Providing What They Need

Besides plenty of physical activity, the Toy Manchester Terrier needs mental stimulation. They must be kept engaged because otherwise they will cause a lot of mischief like hole-digging and chasing other people's pets just for fun. This need for mental engagement could be best addressed through obedience training as well as obstacle paths they can learn to traverse.

The Manchester needs understanding as they tend to shy away from physical manipulation during the training process. They have a tendency to growl or snap because they take physical correction as a personal affront. These dogs respond best to verbal praise and affection.

State of Mind

Some Toy Manchester Terrier owners liken their dogs to furry little Napoleons. They are mighty and stubborn and like to be the boss (here is another reason why training is optimal). These dogs must be treated with exact consistency because they will take advantage of any deviations from their routines or schedule, especially during training and behavior modification.

Manchesters can be aggressive toward other dogs and animals, especially if these other animals are invading what they perceive as their space. While they are small, they have no compunction about initiating a challenge to a larger animal. For this reason, they work best in families where they are the only pet. In addition, a family with toddlers should reconsider a Manchester because these dogs are not very tolerant of young children's over-exuberant petting and childish behaviors. In fact, this toy terrier may even perceive toddlers and babies as other invading animals and act accordingly.

As a simple house pet, the Toy Manchester Terrier is not for everyone. However, as an integral part of the family, the Manchester is devoted, protective and totally in love with his people. It takes a special family to understand and love this terrier breed because of all its quirks and foibles.

There are special things that owners have to do for their dogs such as arrange obedience training and actively engage them every day in some physical activity and mental stimulation. In addition, families must understand that barking and digging is their nature and not likely to change. Finally, they must take special pains to ensure that they have fencing to shield their Toy Manchester Terrier so that these feisty dogs are protected from outside elements which will enable them to engage in their normal, instinctive habitual activities.

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Psych Profile of the Toy Manchester Terrier
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