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Aliases: Dutch Barge Dog, Smiling Dutchman, Chien Loup, German Spitz, Wolfsspitz, Deutscher Wolfsspitz, Kees

Keeshond For Sale

Personalities Of A Keeshond

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Tags: Keeshond, Behavior

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Yorkshire Terrier

The Keeshond has a unique personality. They are sweet and very outgoing. They show their owners and family love and will accept people into the house and be polite if you have no concerns with the newcomer. If you show fear or concern, the Keeshond will stand guard to protect you. They have a strong and sharp bark that will warn someone to stay away. They are not known biters, but then any dog can have their limits pushed to the extent of biting. The Keeshond is a remarkable dog with a sweet personality, but they can also show their devious side and pull some little tricks on you.

Sweet and Lovable

The best characteristic of the Keeshond is not their beauty but their personality. They have the sweetest disposition that any breed could have. They are easy to train unless they show a little of their abstinent side. They enjoy being petted and played with and will do nicely just curling up somewhere comfortable and taking long naps. They are very affectionate and need a home where they can express their love and have someone to share their life with most of the time. They are sweet and do act silly sometimes in their antics.

Strong Opinions

The Keeshond can have a strong opinion that you really need to take into consideration when making them do something they are just not going to do. They will talk to you and try to tell you what they want. You might understand them, but their actions and your actions will give a clear idea as to what they mean. If you stop petting them, they may not want you to stop and will tell you in their way, a growl, a rowel or a wooing sound will alert you to their opinion of the matter.

Social Personalities

The Keeshond is not only a gentle dog, but usually without any formal training at all, they are very sociable dogs. They get along with everyone as long as they are not wronged. Even as puppies, the Keeshonds are very playful. They have strong personalities that keep them lovable through adulthood. If you are buying a puppy, you should have no problem finding a healthy, happy, and playful pup. Many breeders breed for show, but even so, they still have great personality traits. They actually strive in a family environment and this just develops their social personalities more.

Dominant Personality

The Keeshond can have a dominant personality as they think they should be the leader of the pack. This includes you and any other animals that live in the home. This can be cured with some training to show them that you are the leader and they are the follower. They adapt to change better than some breeds even if they allow their abstinent side to take over. You will enjoy the Keeshond no matter what personality they have, because with all their different personality traits, they are still great companions to have around.

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Personalities Of A Keeshond
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