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English Toy Spaniels

Aliases: King Charles Spaniel, Charlies, ET's

English Toy Spaniel For Sale

How to Care for Your English Toy Spaniel

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Tags: English Toy Spaniel, Diet, Health, Feeding

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Taking care of your Charlie, or English Toy Spaniel, can save a lot of grief and promote happiness in the home. There are certain things that you can do regularly that will keep your Charlie in tip top shape!

The first is to properly feed your dog. Diet can make a big difference in the energy and disposition of your dog. Most Charlies will eat between 1/4 to 1 cup of kibble each day. You may need to mix this with a little canned food in order for the Charlie to consider it edible. Charlies generally don't require a lot of food. Be careful not to feed them too much or they could put on weight. Also, take note if the Charlie quits eating. You should check its teeth to make sure that they are in good condition. You should carefully brush their teeth after each meal. They should also receive veterinarian care for their teeth on a regular basis.

The ears of the Charlie are sensitive and need regular care as well. It is best to shave the inside of their ears. This will help to improve the circulation of air. It will also keep the ears of the Charlie free from any potential bacteria. You should routinely clean the ears of the Charlie after a bath. This will help to prevent the build up of ear wax and also allow you to check for any signs of infection or the presence of ear mites.

The Charlie should be bathed every two weeks and combed out once a week. You should keep their coats free from tangles and mats. Careful consideration should be made behind the ears, behind the elbows, and between the rear legs. You should carefully and gently pick hair away from any mats that may be present. This will help to preserve their coat. However, it should be noted that you will need to be patient while doing this. If you cannot do this with great patience, it would be better to just cut the mat out, or you may overly frighten the Charlie. Some Charlies love to have their face washed daily and will eagerly await this time with their owner. Careful attention should be paid to their eyes as they are prone to infection. The eyes should be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis.

The toenails of the Charlie should be kept short. This includes the nails on the fused-toes. It may be necessary to have another person help you with this each time. The Charlie has very sensitive feet and hates to have them touched. It would probably take one person to do the clipping and the other to physically hold the Charlie in their arms. You should also trim the hair between the pads of their feet at this time.

The Charlie may wheeze, snore, and have trouble breathing, especially in the heat. They do not do well in humid weather or heavily polluted areas. It is best to provide the Charlie with an air conditioned environment when these conditions are present. Proper care of your Charlie will keep him with you and endure his comfort for many years to come!

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How to Care for Your English Toy Spaniel
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