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Aliases: Hungarian Sheep Dog, Hungarian Komondor

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Skin Problems In Komondorok

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Tags: Komondor, Health Problems, Allergies, Medical

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Dogs, like people, can suffer skin problems for a variety of reasons. They can have thyroid problems that go undetected except for the skin issues. They can have food allergies that provoke outbreaks on the skin under the coat. They can even just be sensitive to certain medications and flea products, like the Komondor, as part of their genetic make-up. You probably will not be able to diagnose the cause of a skin problem without taking the dog to a veterinarian. There are, however, some things that you can do to try to make sure your Komondor does not have too many triggers in their environment that can exacerbate possible skin problems.

Be aware that the Komondor is sensitive to things like pet medications, shampoos, flea products, and even anesthesia. The normal color for a Komondor's skin, under all the beautiful cords, is gray or pink. The pink skin is not as desirable for show as the gray, but it is acceptable. You should test any flea product or shampoo on a small portion of your dog's fur before you do the entire coat. This will help you to see if a skin problem develops and also whether the product will cause the coat to become discolored.

Even when you aren't trying out new products for your dog, you will want to give their coat and skin a regular check-up. Look for dryness, pimples, or skin infections. If you see some sign of skin problems take the dog in to your veterinarian to get it checked. While it is in your home, make sure to check the kibble you are feeding it. This is an easy switch that can be done and it can eliminate the possibility of a food allergy. Just choose kibble that is natural and based on lamb, rice, or venison for a while and see if you see an improvement in the skin condition.

The Komondor is usually kept in a country environment, but that doesn't mean that it will not be exposed to chemicals. Farms have many pesticides and other irritants that can cause skin problems with the Komondor. If your dog is wandering a country area, try to make sure it can only go into areas that are safe for it.

Lastly, skin irritations can occur because of hot and humid weather conditions and parasites. The Komondor likes to be an outdoor dog but this makes it easier for it to pick up parasites. If you want to try and limit the exposure to environmental conditions and parasites, create a space for the dog to bed down that has been treated for fleas and ticks. Just make sure it is a medication that your dog can handle and that won't itself cause the dog more skin problems.

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Skin Problems In Komondorok
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