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Aliases: Hungarian Sheep Dog, Hungarian Komondor

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Komondor Articles

The Right Owner For A Komondor

A Komondor is a large dog that was used to herd sheep. As such you can expect to have a number of "large dog" issues with this breed. Large dogs, like the Komondor, require enough space to exercise and high fences to keep them within your property. When inside the home, they can be destructive when bored. They are not as playful as other breeds but are fiercely loyal. [...]

How To Handle Aggression In A Komondor

A Komondor is not by nature aggressive towards people, but it is very strong-willed. It mostly has a calm temperament unless it is provoked. Some of the things that can provoke a Komondor to act aggressively are territorial intrusions and threats to an owner or the owner's livestock. This is mostly due to its protective temperament and less due to inbred hostility. [...]

Komondor Dread Lock Tips

The Komondor is loved for its beautiful coat that makes it a great show dog. The coat has been compared to anything from cords, dread locks, to a stringy mop. It is typically white, unless it is dirty, and the dog is considered to have the heaviest coat in the canine world. There are both positives and negatives to this coat. It makes a great insulation for the dog from animal attacks and the weather, but it also provides some special challenges for grooming. [...]

Bloat And Your Komondor

Large dogs often suffer from the same problems, regardless of the breed. Bloat is one such problem common to large dogs like the Komondor. While the causes of bloat are not yet known, the effects can be deadly. You need to be able to recognize the symptoms of bloat in your dog and know how to handle it, if it arises. [...]

Legal Liabilities Of Owning A Big Dog

In a litigious society, owning a large dog can be a liability. The owner of any pet is responsible for making sure that it does not cause harm to other people or their property. This becomes even more of an issue if the dog lives in an urban setting, where the chances of it misbehaving increase with the number of strangers in its environment. Add to that the fact that the Komondor was bred to be a guard dog, and an owner has to take extra precautions not to end up with legal problems from people who are intimidated by large dogs. [...]

Skin Problems In Komondorok

Dogs, like people, can suffer skin problems for a variety of reasons. They can have thyroid problems that go undetected except for the skin issues. They can have food allergies that provoke outbreaks on the skin under the coat. They can even just be sensitive to certain medications and flea products, like the Komondor, as part of their genetic make-up. You probably will not be able to diagnose the cause of a skin problem without taking the dog to a veterinarian. There are, however, some things that you can do to try to make sure your Komondor does not have too many triggers in their environment that can exacerbate possible skin problems. [...]

Showing A Komondor

A Komondor is a showstopper. It's beautiful white-corded appearance and confident bearing makes it a favorite dog to watch. The coat itself is what gives it's unique appearance with hair that twists into curly cords by age two. In fact, if the coat fails to cord up by this age, it is disqualified as a show dog. In order to show a Komondor, the coat has to have the cords all over its body, including the head and legs. The coat also has to be all white in adults, with some allowance for cream or buff colors in puppies. The requirements for the coat are very stringent, but it is also what makes this breed so greatly admired by dog fanciers. [...]

Special Care In Hot And Humid Weather

The Komondor's coat is a thick mass of curly cords that protect it in cold as well as hot, dry, weather. If the weather is humid or the coat gets wet, however, then the coat takes a long time to dry and can cause irritation to the skin. If the coat isn't fully grown in or in bad shape, the combination of heat, humidity, and skin irritation can cause hot spots or lesions on the skin. These will need to be treated and healed. Hot, humid weather can also result in an increase in fleas and ticks that will hide within the deep fur of the dog. [...]

Weird Facts Did You Know?

The Komondor is a fascinating to dog to encounter and it has a colorful history. It is one of three breeds that have acted as guard dogs to livestock for over ten centuries. This proud legacy is suspected of having started with the Magyars. The lineage had its beginnings with Tibetan dogs that were bred into the Hungarian Sheep Dogs eventually. While the dog is highly protective of the flock, it isn't really a herder. It is mostly a watchdog and was highly prized in this function. Its temperament makes it uniquely suited to this role, as it is very suspicious of strangers, aggressive towards other animals not in its flock, but very loving and protective with those charges within the family or flock that it attends. [...]

Creating An Ideal Environment For Your Dog

Komondorok love being out in the country. They like to live outdoors in areas that are not too hot and humid. They need a large amount of space to exercise, so that an urban environment is not ideal for them. It doesn't mean that they cannot live in the city in an apartment, it means that they will have to be exercised regularly outside to keep them happy in an urban environment. There are also other considerations for creating a large, country setting for the dog instead of keeping them in urban areas. [...]

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