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Aliases: Berger de Brie, a heart wrapped in fur, Chien de Brie, Chien d'Aubry

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The Briard And Its Herding History

The Briard is an old breed of dog, well known for its look and its personality. Yet, what many do not know about this loving animal is that it is very much a dog with fierce hunting abilities and incredible instincts. Today's Briard is quite a bit different from the one of its past. Nevertheless, when put to the test, these dogs will always outperform others in hunting skills, in defending his owner and in keeping his herd safe. For this reason, they are still used for herding today. Those that want to own this breed should not be overly concerned about these characteristics because the dogs are loyal to the end. [...]

Choosing Your Briard Puppy Correctly For Standards

When selecting a Briard puppy, it is essential to consider several things. Is the dog a purebred and does he have the papers to show for it? Are the breeders well known and respected for what they do? There are many questions to ask when selecting the right puppy for your home, but you should know what the breed's standards are before making any contact. Doing so will help you to know if the dog is up to standards or not. You can learn a lot about the dog from these standards. What's more, it helps you to know what type of dog you will be getting. [...]

Obedience Training And The Briard

The Briard is a good consideration for many homes. It has the size, shape and temperament for just about any home. Yet, there are some key factors to consider when selecting this dog to bring home. Alternatively, if you are currently the owner of this magnificent animal, you may need a bit of help with improving his obedience. The good news is that this breed of dog is one that is willing and capable of learning what you want and need him to. He's a willing participant assuming that you are willing to dedicate time and patience with the learning process. Understanding the Briard is the first step in training him correctly. [...]

The Beauceron And The Briard: Close Relatives, Shared History

A variety of breeds of dogs have common ancestry. It is rare for dogs so closely related to be seen for such a long history as that of the Beauceron and the Briard. These dogs, though unique, are both sheep dogs. They are companions throughout the last several centuries and share many of the same characteristics. Most importantly, they are well loved and respected dogs that have a place in the hearts of many in their native country of France. For those planning to adopt these dogs, or perhaps already owning one, it is interesting to see the difference in the Briard and the Beuceron. [...]

The Compassionate Briard

At first glance, it may not seem that the Briard is a compassionate dog. It may not seem that he is the type of dog that would happily lay by your side during an afternoon nap. Or, cuddle with the stray cat that you brought home, but he is just like that. This dog has many qualities about him, all of which are unique, interesting and often time surprising. The dog is ideal for the home as well as for the working life that the breed is known for. If you are planning to bring him into your home, know what to expect from this unique creature. [...]

The Briard's Dew Claws

The Briard's dew claws are one of those aspects of these dogs that breeders and judges at dog shows often are in disagreement over. By the Briard's standards, the dogs should have dew claws on its forelegs. But, these can be removed or they may be left where they are, it is up to the owner or the breeder to make that decision. In some cases, Briard's are born with two sets of dew claws on their hind legs. If you are a breeder, or a Briard owner, should you have them removed? And, should be overly concerned about them at all? [...]

Is The Briard The Right Dog For You?

The Briard is a beautiful, strong dog. They are often mistaken as being less than intelligent because of their look, which is often a heavy coat of long hair. While it may look like these dogs are hiding their face from the world through their hair, what they are really doing is watching, guarding and defending their masters and families. The Briard has a long history of being dedicated to his master dating back to the 1700's in fact. Through time, they have become excellent dogs for the home. They are not meant for every home situation though. These dogs can be demanding in some forms. [...]

Introducing The Briard: Socialization And Meeting The Family

The key to a happy Briard is training him properly. The Briard is an intelligent dog, fearless warrior and defender of what is his (or what he considers to be his!) These dogs are working dogs and have long been an important part of the upper classes. Yet, if you want to have a well adjusted dog, it is essential for you to consider the socialization of the dog. If you are just bringing your Briard puppy home, now is the time to begin the process of socializing him so that he fits in well with the family and his new home. [...]

The Briard Puppy: What To Look For

For those that have decided that the Briard is the right dog for them, careful selection of the right puppy is important. Choosing these dog's for their characteristics at a young age can be difficult. In many cases, a puppy is not going to act like he will when he's full grown. Of course, he also does not look the same. Yet, when you walk into the breeder's location and you see these amazing dogs, you may be wondering just what you can do to pick the right puppy for you. Ultimately, it may take a bit of guessing, but you will quickly find various differences in these puppies. Here are some tips to help you find the right Briard puppy. [...]

The Briard: Weird Facts, Did You Know?

The Briard is a very unique dog breed and one that most people come to love easily. After all, many of its characteristics are fun to bring into the home. Yet, there are some interesting facts and tidbits that may make this breed a bit more unique than you think. If you own one, or if you plan to own one, take a few minutes to learn about these differences to find out where your dog is really coming from and what makes him or her tick. [...]

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