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Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Aliases: Chessie

Chesapeake Bay Retriever For Sale

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Articles

The Chesapeake Bay retriever and AKC

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a breed of hunting dog that got its start in the Chesapeake Bay where they did much of their hunting under water. The often had to break through the ice to get to their game. Once they got to the game, they often had the task of sitting with it for a long time to prevent it from being stolen until their owner could come and get it. The Chesapeake Bay retriever (also called Chessie) is an honorary member of the American Kennel Club and has been since 1993. The AKC has a certain breed standard for the Chessie, a standard that the dog must maintain in order to be part of the AKC events. [...]

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever and its Coat Colors

Although you may see the Chesapeake Bay retriever in many colors, there are actually only three basic colors for the Chesapeake. Any other colors you see are just variations of the three basic colors, which are deadgrass, sedge and browns. [...]

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Hip Dysplasia

As with all dogs, there are certain health problems that the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is prone to developing. Hip Dysplasia is one of those problems. Many large breed dogs are susceptible to hip Dysplasia. [...]

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Suitable Living

Getting a dog is a responsibility that involves many changes in your life as well as work and dedication. Before you decide to get a dog, be sure that you are willing to make the commitment required for this life long investment. One important factor to keep in mind is suitable living for your dog. If you are one of the lucky people about to get a Chesapeake Bay retriever, there are some important factors you need to consider. [...]

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever as a Family Pet

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is usually used as a hunting dog, although they are excellent in the show ring and make even more wonderful family pets. [...]

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever as a Hunting Dog

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a multi-functional dog. It is used in the show ring and field trials, as a watchdog and as a family pet. The reason most individuals are interested in the Chesapeake, however, is their great talent as hunting dogs. They are a great hunting dog that loves the water, which is another trait that adds to their hunting ability. [...]

The Temperament of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is known for its sunny and cheerful disposition - much like their cousin, the Labrador retriever. When they are swimming with the family or out retrieving game, their face almost has the appearance of a smile. They have what is referred to as a "quiet sense" about them, meaning they may be very quiet as far as making noise and barking, but they are always paying attention to what is going on and watching over the family. They are used by many hunters not only as a hunting dog but also a wonderful life-long companion. They make a wonderful companion for children with their quiet and loyal personality. [...]

Training a Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Training a dog is probably the most time consuming yet rewarding thing you will do with your dog. Each dog is different and what works for one dog won't necessarily work for another. Most of the training techniques are similar for all dogs, but there may be some variations depending on the dog. Dogs, like humans, each have their own personality and must be treated as such. [...]

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Weird Facts Did you Know?

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a great hunting dog, companion, watchdog and family pet. Their love of the water makes them invaluable for hunting near or in the water. They are such fantastic hunters that years ago, it was nothing for the Chessie to hunt and retrieve 100 ducks in one day. [...]

Raising a Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay retriever will prove to be a delightful dog for you or your family to raise. They are beautiful, intelligent, full of energy and eager to please, if sometimes stubborn. If you get your Chesapeake as a puppy, you can add playful and loving to the list of their attributes. [...]

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Chesapeake Bay Retriever Articles
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