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Fila Brasileiros

Aliases: Brazilian Mastiff, Cao de Fila, Fila

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Fila Brasileiro Articles

Is Your Family Right For A Fila Brasileiro?

A Fila Brasileiro is one of the few breeds of large dogs raised to herd livestock. They are most comfortable in country settings and can be hard to keep in an urban environment. Since they were bred to herd and protect livestock, they have a natural aggressive tendency to anyone that that they do not consider part of their herd. This can range from other pets to strangers. They are naturally suspicious of strangers and can have an over-protective instinct that can get them in trouble in a social setting. [...]

Lovable And Annoying Traits Of The Fila Brasileiro

If you like the thought of owning a big dog, you might recall the lovable cartoon with Marmaduke in it. He was always one to jump in people's laps, almost oblivious to his own size and strength. The Fila Brasileiro is similarly enchanting in its desire to sit on your lap, your feet, or just lean up against your body. This can be either annoying or lovable, depending on how well you can withstand the weight of the dog on your own body frame. [...]

Treating Flatulence In Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro is prone to gassiness, but it can be treated to lessen the incidence of it. You may love your dog, but you may not love the smell that accompanies it. A gassy dog can also be an embarrassment in social situations. So, learn how to recognize some causes of flatulence and help the dog eat well to maintain a diet that doesn't exacerbate gassiness. [...]

Aggression In Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro has an instinctive aggressiveness towards strangers, and it doesn't mind showing it. For this reason, it is not judged on signs of aggressiveness in a dog show, even though some Filas are disqualified for being overly aggressive. It is not friendly with other animals and distinctly dislikes other Fila Brasileiros of the same sex. It is tremendously aggressive towards other small animals, like cats. It will not hesitate to injure or kill another animal. [...]

Legal Considerations Of Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro is one of four dogs banned in the United Kingdom. The four breeds covered under the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991 are pit bull terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Fila Brasileiro, and Japanese Tosas. Why has the Fila Brasileiro been included in this list? It is a dog that has been bred to guard and herd livestock, so wouldn't it be a protective guard dog? Yes and no. The Fila Brasileiro is the most aggressive of the guard dogs, being completely open with its aggressiveness towards strangers. [...]

How To Socialize A Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro is a breed that requires extensive socialization. It was bred to be a guard dog and herder and thus has a natural tendency to be suspicious of strangers and very defensive. This can lead it to be aggressive with any pets or people that are not part of its family. This natural aggressiveness cannot be socialized out of it completely. It can be dampened and with a very firm owner, it can take its cue on when to refrain from acting on instinct to defend and attack. [...]

Health Problems That Affect Lifespan

On average, larger dogs tend to have a shorter lifespan than less hefty dogs. Being large, like the Fila Brasileiro, comes with a host of health problems that can affect longevity. The weight of their massive frames lends them to having problems with bone and joint diseases, which can cripple them. Many contract cancer when they are just middle-aged, in terms of dog years. The heart in smaller dogs doesn't have to work as hard as it does in a dog like a Fila Brasileiro that has a huge body to support. [...]

Fila Brasileiro As A Bodyguard

The Fila Brasileiro makes a fine bodyguard. It is completely loyal to its owner and has a naturally suspicious nature towards strangers. If you want a dog that will put your security needs first, this dog will be more than happy to comply. It has originally bred as a guard dog for livestock, but this devotion carries through to the owner and the owner's household. The breed's characteristics give it a good sense of smell and a powerful and intimidating appearance. [...]

Making A Fila Brasileiro An Indoor Dog

The Fila Brasileiro is a very large dog, which leads some to believe that it is best kept outdoors. The Fila Brasileiro is happy to live outdoors but it can also be brought up to spend time indoors too. This type of socialization and respect for your property should be done when the dog is still a puppy. Once the dog is older, if it has not learned how to behave indoors, it can become destructive without meaning to be. Thus, the rules of the house have to be imposed early along with a good dose of obedience training. [...]

Weird Facts Did You Know?

The Fila Brasileiro is a Brazilian guard dog that was bred to hunt jaguar and guard livestock. The dog is very large, standing about three feet tall in some cases and weighing up to 200 pounds. Their handlers know them for their extreme faithfulness, with a natural suspiciousness towards strangers. This suspiciousness expresses itself in aggressiveness that the dog doesn't bother to hide when faced with a stranger. This is called "ojeriza" which is Portuguese and means a loathing or sharp aversion of strangers. They can be very fast and, despite their massive frames, can jump very well. [...]

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Fila Brasileiro Articles
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