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French Bulldogs

Aliases: Frenchie, Little Clown ,Frog Dogs

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French Bulldog Articles

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs Compared to Other Bulldogs

The word Bulldog can conjure different images for different people. Bulldogs in America and England look very different from each other, and Bulldogs that live in other parts of the world also have their unique features. In this article, we'll compare the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog with other Bulldog breeds to see how they differ from their Bulldog counterparts around the world. [...]

Choosing A French Bulldog For Show

It's always important to choose your next pet carefully, but especially so if you plan to show your dog. Show standards can be very particular with a breed like the French Bulldog, so you'll want to go into choosing a show specimen with some knowledge behind you. [...]

Choosing A French Bulldog As A Pet

Choosing a French Bulldog to serve only as a pet and companion is a simpler task than choosing a French Bulldog for show. There are no restrictions on coat and eye colors for pet-quality French Bulldogs, which opens more possibilities to owners seeking the companionship of this friendly 'gentlemen's dog'. [...]

Reproductions Restrictions On The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is not a dog that comes with no strings attached. This is a breed that is expensive to buy and to keep, a dog with a good potential for future health issues that will require excellent veterinary care, increasing the cost of maintaining these dogs even as pets. Many times, owners will consider breeding their French Bulldog either in an attempt to make some profit with their dog, or to proliferate the breed. [...]

Summer, Heat, And The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has many positive characteristics that make them a favorite breed of dog for Frenchie fanciers; adaptability to the great outdoors, however, is not one of them. Due to some characteristic physical and genetic traits, French Bulldogs require an extra level of care in some climates and conditions. [...]

Is The French Bulldog A Healthy Choice?

French Bulldogs are proven as excellent house companions for those looking for a more calm and manageable pet. French bulldogs do require an added level of commitment on the part of owners, though, as they are a dog breed that has specific health and maintenance needs. [...]

French Bulldogs And Kids, Other Dogs And Pets

French bulldogs were bred with the intention of being companion animals; they were never intended as being working dogs or athletes, and as a breed they have held true to this form. This makes the French Bulldog a very good choice for families who have more time to spend loving and being near their pet and less time exercising away excess energy. [...]

Colors Of The French Bulldog

As with all popular pure-bred dogs, there are preferences for color in French Bulldogs. Standards for these accepted colors are set by both Club/Show standards and by tradition. [...]

City Dog: The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog was born and bred to be a companion animal; this breed of dog, the "gentlemen's dog" has been valued and selectively bred for a number of characteristics that make it so. [...]

Choosing Chews And Toys For Your French Bulldog

All dogs need chews and toy to occupy their minds and mouths. Some breeds have more specific needs than others—such as the French Bulldog. [...]

Interesting & Fun French Bulldog Facts

It's always fun to learn about a breed of dog you've dedicated your home to; whether for bragging rights or just plain curiosity, it seems there's never enough you can know about the heritage of your favorite pet. [...]

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French Bulldog Articles
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