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German Shepherd Dogs

Aliases: Alsatian

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German Shepherd Dog Articles

German Line German Shepherds

The German shepherd dog is a very popular breed of dog known for its intelligence, beauty, loyalty and nobility. You only have to look at the German shepherd with their ears standing erect and to attention to see how alert they are. The German shepherd dog first came to be in the 1890s, thanks to Captain Max von Stephanitz, who is considered the father of the breed. Max had admired the native sheep dog as well as the many fine qualities they possessed - intelligence, strength and nobility. He wanted to develop the breed even further to get all the qualities he wanted in a dog. [...]

German Shepherds as Police Dogs

The German shepherd dog is known for its many fine attributes, including intelligence, loyalty, good temperament, trainability and endurance. These characteristics are what make German shepherds the perfect choice for their work as police dogs. A police dog is trained specifically to work with the police and other law enforcement agencies. In the United States, they are often known as the K9 unit. They are a highly regarded and respected unit wherever they go and work in many different locations. They have been known for their work with the police and military for so many years that many people automatically refer to the German shepherd dog as a police dog, whether they are work dogs or merely family pets. [...]

German Shepherds and Schutzhund

German shepherds have been successfully trained in many different sports and activities due to their intelligence and endurance, as well as the fact they are very adaptable to training. One such training program is known as Schutzhund. Schutzhund is a German word meaning "protection dog", and was developed in Germany in the 1900s as a way to test the German shepherd dog to see if they possessed the traits they were originally bred for such as the strong desire to work, courage, intelligence, obedience, strong bond to the handler, perseverance and protective instinct. Schutzhund training is a way for trainers to determine if the dog still has what it takes. [...]

Getting a German Shepherd-Female or Male?

You've finally decided you and your family are ready for a dog. This in itself is a big decision. The next decision you have to make is on the breed. Your choice of a German shepherd is an excellent one, as this breed is known for their loyalty, intelligence and ease with which they can be taught to behave well. The one choice you have yet to make is on the gender. You have probably heard good things about both sexes so it's a tough decision to make. [...]

Owning a German Shepherd

So you're thinking of getting a German shepherd dog. No doubt, you are very excited. You've heard wonderful stories about the German shepherd dog and all their work as Seeing Eye dogs, search and rescue and their work as a police dog. They are, without a doubt, one of the most wonderful breeds you could consider getting. But some points must be taken into consideration before purchasing or getting your new German shepherd. Failure to consider all the factors can result in disappointment for you and the dog. [...]

The German shepherd as a Family Pet

Finding the perfect dog as a pet for your family can be a big decision. You'll probably look at many different breeds and talk to friends and family that have dogs. In many cases, people tend to steer towards the breed they had while growing up. In other cases, they go with an entirely different breed. One dog that is very popular is the German shepherd. Because of their excellent skills as police dogs, many people mistakenly think they are attack dogs. The German Shepherd dog is also used as a seeing eye dog and search and rescue dog, to name just a few of the jobs their attributes are suited to. They were not trained for these jobs because they are mean or attack dogs, but rather because of how easy they are to train, and their superior intelligence. [...]

The German Shepherd as a Working Dog

Many people that own German shepherds know them only as the wonderful family pets they love. They don't often think of them as working dogs. However, they have been used as working dogs ever since the German shepherd breed was developed in Germany in the 1800s. Back then they were appreciated as an animal that, it seemed, could see, hear, smell and run better than any human being. Their name shep-HERD came about because of their work as herding dogs. That herding quality they still carry with them today makes them such loyal and excellent watchdogs and family pets. [...]

Different Coats of the German Shepherd

The German shepherd dog has always been known as one of the world's most beautiful dogs. One of their distinguishing features is their ears, which are erect when they are alert. For the German shepherd dog, this is almost all the time. German shepherds also come in many different colors. The most common color for the shepherd is black and tan, although there are many other variations. Due to the variations of breeding, many colors are now showing up in German shepherds. The black and tan has often become black and cream or black and red, depending on the genes from both parents. [...]

The German Shepherd-Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The German shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in the world - and with good reason. They are beautiful with their ears erect like a soldier standing at attention. They are loyal, intelligent, and courageous and have a great desire to please and protect their family. There are many facts about the German shepherd dog that people may not be aware of, quite apart from their excellence as a family pet and watchdog. The German shepherd is the third most popular dog in the United States with over 43,000 registrations of the breed. [...]

German Shepherds - The American Lines

The German shepherd dog has long been known for its beauty, nobility, intelligence and appearance. What many people don't realize - and this even includes some German shepherd owners themselves - is that many of these traits, specifically the appearance, can be altered through certain breeding tactics or methods. When the German shepherd dog first came to be, it was a medium size dog with a somewhat longer and coarser coat and small erect ears. It had a straight back, sturdy build and was a working herding dog. [...]

Belgian Malinois: Not a German Shepherd

When the average person looks at a Belgian Malinois, he might easily mistake the dog for a German Shepherd. The two breeds look remarkable alike and although they are completely different breeds that originated from different areas of the world, they are both shepherd and have similar coat colors and markings. Thus the breeds are often mistaken for each other by those who do not know the differences that tell the breeds apart. [...]

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