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Guard Dog

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The Boxer - The Right Breed For Me?

Every breed of dog has families and situations that it is best suited for, and families and situations that would be challenging if not impossible for the dog to thrive in given the natural traits and behaviors of the breed. Choosing a dog simply because you like the breed is very often the biggest issue when it comes to ending up with a challenging situation for the owner and the dog rather than a positive match. The outstanding personality of the Boxer makes it a good match for a wide variety of living and family situations, however their intelligence, boundless energy and outgoing and somewhat dominant personality also make them a less like candidate for other types of families and home. [...]

Competitions for Boxers

The natural abilities of the Boxer both in regards to their mental alertness and intelligence as well as their physical abilities make them an excellent competitive breed for may different types of events. There is really no limit on what types of events that a Boxer is suitable for since in their history they have been used in several different and very diverse capacities. Typically, although Boxers were used as flock guardians, they are not herding dogs and have limited natural abilities in this area. They also have a higher prey drive due their original use as a hunting breed, making them a poor choice for these types of competitions and events. [...]

History of the Rottweiler breed

While many people, even some that are very familiar with the modern Rottweiler, know this dog to be a very protective, loving and devoted guardian, few would guess the breed's very ancient roots. Originally the Rottweiler was bred from the oldest of the European Mastiffs, descended from the early Molosser dogs that were used for fighting and hunting by the Romans and other fighting forces. [...]

Breed Standards Of The Doberman Pinscher

As a working and guardian dog the original Doberman Pinschers were bred more for their ability to provide protection and stay with their owners than they were for their looks or their companionship qualities. Over time the Doberman Pinscher breeders have more selectively bred for a specific standard as well as to decrease the potential for aggression while still maintaining a well-balanced, all round guardian and companion dog. [...]

Doberman Pinchers as City Dogs

When the Doberman Pinscher breed first came into existence the last thing on the mind of breeder Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann was to develop a city type of dog. He was, in fact, looking for an energetic, high stamina type of dog that was courageous and protective enough to take him through some very rough countryside. Mr. Dobermann was both the local tax collector as well the dog pound owner, so he was able to use many different breeds that came through the pound. Since this was in the late 1800's there were no spayed or neutered dogs, he basically had his pick of the various types of dogs that came under his care. [...]

Found [65] Articles :: Page 5 of 5
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